Sumire Saitō
Nao and Sumire Nao and Sumire are both the first year students and are placed in the same class, making them close classmates to each other. Nao and Sumire are often seen together while their seniors are out, either applying to university or for a trip, and are often seen alone together in the music room. In the manga, there are quite a lot pictures of them being together.
Ui Hirasawa
Ui and Nao At one point, Nao adored Ui, stalking her everywhere she went, thinking that she had a perfect figure. Nao even got jealous when only Ui is praised for her work and tries to get the attention to be praised just like her, until she found out that Ui also had several weakness just anyone else. Ui is also the first person to call her Nao; everyone calls her by the last name (Okuda-san).