• Nao is the only main character that is part of the Sakuragaoka High School's Light Music Club and does not play an instrument.
  • The kanji for Nao's first name (直) means "honest". The kanji for "Okuda" (奥田) respectively mean "secluded" and "rice field".
  • "I was just reading books in the library when all of a sudden the shelf fell over on me... it was super painful."
  • "I've been studying musical theory every day, so I don't drag the club down... It seems like writing songs for a band would be really difficult, but when you break it down, there are a number of set patterns you'll see. A simple example would be the three chord format, where songs are written entirely with a progression consisting of three chords. Then, there are major and minor scales, pentatonic, dorian and mixolydian modes, and so on. These will provide greater variety of song forms..."
  • "If my fingers can't do the work, my theoretical knowledge is useless..."
  • "The lyrics are rather humorous."
  • "The fact that she does everything well is the polar opposite of me... I'm incredibly, incredibly jealous."
  • "You're like a robot, Hirasawa-senpai."
  • "As a matter of fact, I love to sing. I went out to karaoke with my brothers once, but they've refused to go with me again ever since..."
  • "Well, I observe everyone's conversations and mannerisms and type them all into my computer. I know how everyone thinks."
  • "Why am I the only person you call by the last name?"