"No Club Room!"
Bushitsu ga nai!
Season 2
Episode 17
Japanese air date July 27, 2010
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K-ON!! Season 2 episode #17


Sawako Yamanaka informs the girls that the music room will be temporarily unavailable to them.


Practice in 3-2

The club practices in class 3-2.

With the school festival just a month away, the Light Music Club is all fired up and ready to practice. Unfortunately, there's been a water leak in the ceiling, rendering the music room unusable. Sawako Yamanaka tries to find the girls another room. They try to practice in their classroom, but their music is far too loud, disturbing other clubs. Next, they visit the gym. There's a lot happening - the volleyball club are having a game, and the baton club are practicing - and this all proves too distracting.

With nowhere else to go, they give up and go to a fast food restaurant to discuss their newest song. Tsumugi has finished composing it, but Mio's animal-themed lyrics don't go down well with the whole group. They agree to try to write their own lyrics to show the following day.

Studio practice

The club are about to practice at the studio.

Though Sawako searched the whole school for a spare room, she couldn't find one. With nowhere else to go, Sawako suggests they try a recording studio. Although this would be expensive, the ever frugal Ritsu has some club funds left over. After signing into the studio, the girls get distracted by the mirror in the studio room. Before starting their practice, Mugi prepares tea, but since no food or drink are allowed in the studio, they have tea in the lobby and discuss their new lyrics.

Yui's lyrics are about her love of food. Mugi's lyrics are a actually detective story. Azusa's sounded good at the start, until they realised that her lyrics were a tribute to Ton-chan. Ritsu hadn't written any lyrics, rather, a list of puns she was hoping to use as titles. By the time they realise they've wasted their time, and try to start practicing, their time is already up. On the way home, Sawako stops them with good news: the music room is ready for use again.

Club room repaired

The club comes back to the music room.

With the club room back to normal, everyone is so pumped to get back to playing that Yui agrees to have tea after a bit of practice. Later that day, Yui is struggling to come up with more lyrics to the new song. Ui offers to look over them, instantly falling in love with what Yui has already written, and offers to help. The next day, the other girls are all in a slump, unable to come up with lyrics. Yui, however, has finished hers, and although she does give a little bit of credit to Ui, the rest of the club instinctively know that Yui is understating her sister's contribution. They notice that Yui's feeling tired from having stayed up all night thinking of lyrics, and warn her not to make a habit of it, lest she catch a cold.

Sick Ui

Ui tries to serve tea.

That night, Mio gets a call from Yui, and just as predicted, Yui seems to have caught a cold. The club rush over to Yui's house only to find that it was actually Ui who caught the cold. Even in her feeble state, she still tries to adamantly serve tea. Yui's friends convince Ui to go to bed, before heading home, but Yui gets worried that she won't be able to take care of things by herself, without Ui. Yui hesitantly leaves Ui's bedside only when Ui doesn't want her to catch her cold. Yui tries to make some rice porridge for Ui, but makes a big mess and a ruckus, and Ui can't help but worry. While cooking the porridge, thinks to herself that although Ui is an essential part of her life, and is always there for her, that can't last forever, as is happening right now.

When she wakes up, Ui finds Yui asleep at her desk, having prepared breakfast. Yui's sleeping on top of a set of lyrics she had just written, reflecting on her thoughts and experiences from the previous night, in a song titled U&I. Back at the club, they finalise their vote for Yui's lyrics about food, solidifying Gohan wa Okazu as part of their set for the school festival, while also commending Yui's efforts for writing U&I.

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