Nodoka and yui make first contact

Nodoka's and Yui's first meeting.

Nodoka and Yui Hirasawa grew up in the same neighbourhood and first met in kindergarten when they were painting. Nodoka painted an apple and Yui, who thought the pen which drew the apple would be as delicious as the apple looked, tried to eat it which forced Nodoka to stop her. Both have been close friends since then. Coincidentally, they always attended the same school and class and Nodoka got in time used to help Yui anytime she needed to, despite all the trouble Yui caused her.
Nodoka and yui in junior high school

Nodoka and Yui in Junior High School.

Since Nodoka often visited Yui at home, she started becoming friends with Yui's younger sister Ui Hirasawa and also got along well with their mother and neighbour. Over time, Nodoka became the oldest sister of three silblings and constantly looked over the two. At some point, she started to wear glasses.

After graduating from Junior High School, she applied to the Sakuragaoka High School and was accepted.

Nodoka scolding Yui

Nodoka pushing Yui to join a club.

Instantly after starting her high school career, Nodoka joined the school's student council.

After seeing that Yui, who was in her class again, still struggled with the choice of which club she should join, Nodoka told her that she might end up as a NEET at this rate. This encouraged Yui to try and find a club she can join but to no avail.

Later when going home together, Nodoka learns that Yui still hasn't joined any club at their high school despite trying her best to find one. The very next day, she does learn that Yui had decided to jon the the Light Music Club, reasoning that it is just about music. When she questions Yui if she knows how to play any instrument, the latter replies that she still knows how to play the castanets from kindegarten, with Nodoka showing her worry for her friend.

After class, Nodoka inquires her childhood friend Yui if she has chosen which club she wants to join. Yui answers that she still hasn't thought of which club to join, with Nodoka warning her that she may end up wasting her high school life doing nothing which concerns Yui. Thankfully, a couple of days later Yui decides to join the Light Music Club with Nodoka commenting that they could accept her on the topic that she know how to play an instrument.