Yui Hirasawa
Nodoka and yui Nodoka and Yui Hirasawa have been friends since kindergarten. Due to this, they know everything about each other, with Nodoka being the responsible one and Yui the lazy one. They grew up together, being in the same class each year, and Nodoka became used to always being there for Yui. Despite all the trouble Yui caused her, Nodoka would always forgive her, showing Nodoka's unwavering affection for her friend.

Nodoka is very anxious to support Yui's good side; when the two started first began high school, she encouraged Yui to join a club, which actually happened. She is very trustful of Yui when the latter needs to do something important, and Yui, with her perseverance, usually accomplishes her goals.

On the other hand, Nodoka is a bit envious of Yui's natural ability of taking life lightly and saw it as motivation for her own future planning.

Mio Akiyama
Mio and Nodoka Nodoka and Mio Akiyama became good friends during their second year of high school as Mio was the only person Nodoka knew in her class. Mio was overjoyed (and Nodoka was, albeit to a lesser extent) to be in the same class as both knew no one else. Nodoka's and Mio's relations to Yui and Ritsu are very similar since both are the responsible one with regards to their respective close friend.

Nodoka is aware of Mio's popularity and often supports her, keeping the expectations placed in her alive.

Ritsu Tainaka
Nodoka angry Nodoka is often annoyed by Ritsu Tainaka's constant problem of forgetting to hand in important documents for the Light Music Club. Over time, however, she gets used to it and begins to disregard Ritsu's forgetfulness. Nodoka is still fond of Ritsu despite her forgetfulness and is willing to shoulder her faults herself without hesitating.
Tsumugi Kotobuki
Mugi and nodoka 2 Nodoka and Tsumugi Kotobuki are on reasonably friendly terms with each other. Nodoka considers Tsumugi to be a very reliable person, tasking her to lead the class act together with her. Like everybody else, Nodoka was speechless when she heard about Tsumugi's family's wealth, as well as and Mugi's oujo behavior, like when Tsumugi sacrificed a trip to Hawaii for a simple board game she can play with her friends together.
Azusa Nakano
Azusa and Nodoka bookshop Nodoka and Azusa Nakano do not spend much time together. Nevertheless, Nodoka is still gentle towards Azusa; for instance, when Azusa embarrassed herself at one time, Nodoka comforted her instead of making fun about the situation which greatly helped to reduced the shame Azusa felt.
Ui Hirasawa
Nodoka and Ui Nodoka and Ui Hirasawa are childhood friends because Nodoka often visited Ui's older sister Yui at home. Nodoka likes Ui very much and knows about her responsible character, often teasing Yui about it; for example, Nodoka joked that the sisters were born in the wrong order, which refers to the fact that Ui, the younger sister, is much more mature than the older sister, Yui.

Despite feeling a bit uneasy about Ui's habit of hugging her at home, Nodoka still lets it happen without much of a problem.

Nevertheless, Nodoka still insists to be addressed by Ui properly at school as an upperclassman.

Megumi Sokabe
Nodoka and Megumi

Nodoka and Megumi Sokabe worked together in the student council and had great respect for each other. As the council president, Megumi saw in Nodoka a reliable person she could ask for highly important tasks like organising the school festival, which is evidence of her utmost trust in Nodoka's organisational abilities which Nodoka always managed to fulfill. Megumi also asked Nodoka to take over the "Mio Akiyama Fan Club" as she thinks she would be the only person capable to. Despite the fact that Nodoka did not want to take the position at first, she actually took the job seriously and did her best.

Nodoka saw in Megumi an inspiring upperclassmen and tries with all might to hold the high standards Megumi left behind her. However, when Megumi went into "fangirl mode" after seeing Ho-kago Tea Time's private concert for her, Nodoka's otherwise spotless image of the senior was slightly tainted.

Tomi Ichimonji
Nodoka and the old neighbour Nodoka and Tomi Ichimonji live in the same neighborhood and share a friendly connection since Tomi always took care of Nodoka, Yui and Ui when they were little.