Norimi Kawaguchi
Norimi Kawaguchi
First Appearance
Anime Debut Season 1, Episode 5: Adviser!
Other Appearances
Movies K-ON! Movie
Voice Provider
Japanese Yū Asakawa
English Mela Lee
German Claudia Schmidt
Also Known As Christina
Musical Profile
Role Guitarist
Instrument B.C. Rich Beast WMD (black colored) Electric Guitar
Gender Female
Hair Light Brown (Adult)/Dark Brown (Teenager)
Eyes Rose

Norimi Kawaguchi (河口(かわぐち) 紀美(のりみ)) is a former member of the Light Music Club of Sakuragaoka High School and one of Death Devil's guitarists. She first appeared in the episode Teacher!, where she tried to convince the second guitarist of the band, Sawako Yamanaka, to play with the rest of the band at the wedding of another former Light Music Club member, Mihoko. Sawako, however, does not want to destroy her image of a formidable teacher by letting her past catch up to her, leading Norimi to ask Sawako's students, the current generation of the Light Music Club, Ho-Kago Tea Time, for help. After they realized they are unable to convince Sawako, Norimi initiated that they could instead play Sawako's role at the concert. Due to this, Norimi eventually gets what she wanted all along: Sawako could not stand for the poor job her students did and jumped onstage in order to save Death Devil's reputation, making the concert a success.

In Visit!, she visits Sawako at home with Jane, Mihoko and Kawakami after she heard Sawako had become ill.

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As a teenager, Norimi had longer, dark brown coloured hair and usually wore wild looking clothing. As an adult, her hair became shorter and has now a light brown colour.

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Trivia Edit

  • So far, of all members of Death Devil, only two have their real names revealed (Norimi and Sawako). Jane and Della are only known under their stage names.
  • Although she made her real debut in Teacher!, she can be seen in an image during the episode Adviser! that shows Death Devil while they still visited school, as well as in Sawako's flashbacks.
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