"Once Upon a Time"
Once Upon a Time
Season 2
Episode Special
Japanese air date February 1, 2012

Once Upon a Time (むかしばなし Mukashibanashi), is an Ura-On!! special 3 minutes and 58 seconds long.


Tsumugi and Ui retell fables with Yui and Azusa acting as some of the characters.



K-ON! Ura-On! Season 2 Episode 8 - Once Upon a Time

K-ON! Ura-On! Season 2 Episode 8 - Once Upon a Time

Number 1: Azu and Yuihopper

The story is adapted from the "Grasshopper and Ant". Azusa played as the a hard-working ant who collects food before the winter, while Yui played the role as the lazy grasshopper who relaxes all day. During the winter, the grasshopper starves, but the kind ant allows the grasshopper to enter and enjoy the food. This event also happens in the next year.

Number 2: Yuisparrow

The story is about the sparrow (played by Yui) and the cat named Azu-nyan (played by Azusa). The cat has to save the sparrow but brings trouble to the master. The sparrow continues eating Jun's cake which makes Azu-nyan guilty of her previous action.

Number 3: Azutaro

The story is Azutaro who lives in Mt. Masakari and set a journey to catch the devil. Then comes out the dog, pheasant and the monkey who is asking for dumplings. Azutaro gives only one dumpling to them and they leave after eating the dumpling.


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