For the instrumental version of this song, see Oui! Ai Kotoba (Instrumental).
Oui! Ai Kotoba
K-ON! CISS Volume 6 Ui
English Name Yes! Words of Love
Album K-ON! Character Image Song Series Vol. 6: Ui Hirasawa
Performed By Ui Hirasawa
Singer Ui Hirasawa (Madoka Yonezawa)
Release October 21, 2009
Genre J-Pop, Anime Song
Language Japanese
Label Pony Canyon
Previous Lovely Sister LOVE
Next Lovely Sister LOVE (Instrumental)

Oui! Ai Kotoba (Oui! 愛言葉(あいことば)) or Yes! Words of Love is a "Character Image Song" performed by Ui Hirasawa, produced by Pony Canyon and published on 21 October 2009 within Ui's Character Image Song volume.

The song was sung by Ui's voice actress Madoka Yonezawa, written by Shouko Ohmori, composed by Shinji Tamura and arranged by Hajime Hyakkoku.


Oui! Ai Kotoba

Japanese Lyrics

 朝陽浴びて 大きく伸びをしたら
ハートの中 満ちてくる 楽しい計画

un deux trois…笑顔で今日も“Oui!”
元気 勇気 詰まった合言葉
お料理 お掃除 お片づけ

昼下がりに ポケットに届くメール
「子犬がきたよ 見にこない?」 突然のお誘い

un deux trois…返事はすぐに“Oui!”
嬉しい予感 詰まった合言葉
ころころ ふわふわしてるかな

夕暮れ シーソー クラムチャウダーの匂い
影踏みしながら辿る 15分の家路

un deux trois…帰ってきたよ“Oui!”
おかえりって温もり還る 合言葉
お料理 お掃除 お片づけ

未来何色? 夢の住所どこ?
全部、全部 まだ模索中だけど

un deux trois…笑顔でいつも“Oui!”
誰でも幸せになる 合言葉
明日も あさっても その次も


asahi abite ookiku nobi o shitara
haato no naka michitekuru tanoshii keikaku

un deux trois... egao de kyou mo "oui!"
genki yuuki tsumatta ai kotoba
oryouri osouji okatazuke
nandemo dondon yaritaku naru
ai kotoba

hirusagari ni poketto ni todoku meeru
"koinu ga kita yo mi ni konai?" totsuzen no osasoi

un deux trois... henji wa sugu ni "oui!"
ureshii yokan tsumatta ai kotoba
korokoro fuwafuwa shiteru ka na
mune ga kyunkyun kou naridasu
deai kotoba

yuugure shiisoo kuramuchaudaa no nioi
kagefumi shi nagara tadoru juugofun no ieji

un deux trois... kaetekita yo "oui!"
okaeri tte nukumori kaeru ai kotoba
oryouri osouji okatazuke
yappari dondon yaritaku naru
mahou kotoba

mirai naniiro? yume no juusho doko?
zenbu zenbu mada mosakuchuu da kedo

un deux trois... egao de itsumo "oui!"
daredemo shiawase ni naru ai kotoba
asu mo asatte mo sono tsugi mo
nandemo dondon yaritaku naru
ai kotoba

English Translation

I bask in the morning sun as I stretch
My heart is full of the fun things I've planned

One, two, three I'll say "Yes!" today with a smile
Passwords filled with vigor and courage
The cooking and cleaning is taken care of
So I can do whatever I want to do
Words of love

I receive a text from you in the early afternoon
"A puppy's here! Come and see?" A sudden invitation

One, two, three my instant reply is "Yes!"
Passwords filled with happy presentiments
I wonder if it's small and fluffy?
My chest tightens and throbs
Words of rendezvous

In the evening, I smell the scent of clam chowder
Stepping into the shadows, I take the 15 minute road home

One, two, three "Yes!" You've come home
With passwords of warmth, I welcome you back
That was exactly what I wanted to do
Words of magic

What color is the future? Where do dreams live?
I'm still searching for the answers to everything

One, two, three Always say "Yes!" with a smile
No matter who it may be, give them passwords of happiness
Tomorrow, the day after that, and even after that
I'll do whatever I want to do
Words of love

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