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Season 2
Episode Extra
Japanese air date March 16, 2011
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Plan! is an episode only released in the DVD/Blu-ray release of K-ON!!. Therefore, it is considered an original video animation.


Set between episode 13 and episode 14, the members of the Light Music Club decide to go overseas for a vacation and obtain passports for the trip.


Tsumugi has just returned from a trip overseas, and is giving Yui, Mio, Ritsu, and Ui presents from her vacation in a gathering in Yui’s house. Mio and Yui express their desire to go on a trip as well; Ui reminds Yui that the Hirasawa family had gone overseas when they were little. As usual, the only part that Yui remembers is being able to remember the food. Then Ritsu cheerfully asks if they want to go, surprising everyone but Yui.

The club members discuss vacation plans at a fast food restaurant.

Azusa, who is in her home feeding Ton-chan, receives a text from Yui, which says that they are going overseas. The members of Ho-kago Tea Time meet up at a fast food restaurant, where Mugi gives Azusa her gift. Ritsu explains their plan to go after examinations have finished, and also that Azusa should come too.

Azusa expresses interest in going to New York.

The girls then visit a travel agency to look for possible destinations. They take some pamphlets and start making suggestions. Azusa is interested in visiting New York, the home of the famous Blue Note Jazz Club and the Woodstock Festival. Mio is interested in Great Britain, the birthplace of rock music, and imagines crossing the iconic Abbey Road. Ritsu prefers Hawaii, while Mugi says that she will go anywhere the others would like. Yui, as always, says that she will go anywhere as long as there is good food there. Since the vacation is still a long way off, Ritsu points out that there is no rush, and suggests that they go home and think about it.

Azusa runs into Nodoka in the bookstore.

At a bookstore, Azusa runs into Nodoka, who tells her that the student council also plans a retreat and that she was thinking about going to Kyōto again. Upon hearing the Light Music Club’s plan to go overseas, Nodoka expresses an interest in ancient historical locations such as Mohenjo-daro, Angkor Wat, and Machu Picchu. Azusa also runs into Ui, who said she was doing some “research” for Yui.

At home, Yui decides to take a break from studying and read some more pamphlets. Ui comes into her room, and after Yui explains that she had just been studying, Ui expresses her worries about her older sister going overseas by herself, and gives Yui a book.

The club practices self-defense techniques.

The club members decide to continue planning their vacation, and meet up in a park near a library. Yui explains that there is something to be done first. When Azusa arrives, she sees the others practicing self-defense techniques. The book that Ui had bought turns out to be about self-defense, and they continue practicing.

Eventually they decide to take a break, and Mio points out that they will be unable to ask for directions if they get lost on their trip, since foreigners are unlikely to understand Japanese. They practice speaking English and discuss various tips. Mugi suggests using gestures, and Yui enthusiastically begins practicing that as well. As they get further off-topic, Mugi asks the others if they have passports, and they realize that they all (except Mugi) need to register.

Sawako had never gone farther away than Okinawa.

On her way to a photo booth for her passport picture, Yui is talking with Nodoka when they run into Sawako, who had just gotten a photo for gym registration. Sawako reveals that she had never gone overseas in the past, and when Yui asks if she wants to come along, she declines. Yui then asks if Sawako’s first overseas trip will be her honeymoon, which is an idea that the latter clearly likes.

Ritsu forgot her student handbook.

After the club members have gathered all the necessary documents for passport registration, they meet up at the registration center. When asked by Mio, Ritsu notices that she has forgotten her student handbook at home, so she calls Satoshi and asks him to bring it. While Ritsu gets the handbook from her brother, Yui asks Mio what he is like and imagines Ui being a younger brother.

The girls enter the registration line. When Mio, who is first in line, presents her registration documents, the employee explains that there must be space above her head in the passport image. Mio explains to the others that she had tied her hair up to look more mature. Yui tells them that there is a photo booth nearby, which she had just used yesterday.

Mio kept being bothered while taking pictures in the photo booth.

In the photo booth, Mio is preparing to have her picture taken while the others talk outside. Their conversation makes Mio laugh, ruining the first picture, and when she tells the others about it, the second is automatically taken. In the second attempt, the first photo fails when Yui tries to fan Mio, and the second is ruined by a peace sign from Ritsu.

The club members laugh after seeing Mio's failed photos.

After they have all finished their registration, the club members go for ice cream. As they sit outside the ice cream shop, they discuss the mishaps of the day. When Mio looks at the wasted photos, she and Mugi begin laughing, and are joined in their laughter by Yui and Azusa when Ritsu shows them the pictures.

The others react to Yui's statement that they can go anywhere.

When the discussion turns once again to the destination, Yui stands up and suggests taking another graduation retreat after Azusa graduates. She says that they could go everywhere, and the others smile to this. Ritsu then suggests that they go shop for travel supplies.

The band shops for travel supplies.

As the girls look around in the travel store, Yui pretends to introduce their band, in English, as “We are Ho-kago Tea Time”. When Azusa asks if they would instead by “After School Tea Time” in English, Yui says that they will be Ho-kago Tea Time anywhere they go, a statement that makes the others a little happier.

Some time later, the club members meet in Yui’s house once again along with Ui and Sawako. While they continue their discussion about their upcoming travels, the episode ends with a picture of the five members of Ho-kago Tea Time with their new passports.


  • This episode is a reference to the movie.
  • In the English dub, Azusa incorrectly pronounces the location Machu Picchu as "My Pikachu", which may be a reference to the Pokémon videogame series.


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