"Planning Discussion!"
Kikaku Kaigi!
Season 2
Episode Extra
Japanese air date September 21, 2010
Previous Graduation Ceremony!
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K-ON!! Season 2 Extra


Set after episode 21, the girls want to make a recruitment video to attract new members for the next year.


Azusa has just unearthed quite the oddity. Before she joined it, the Light Music Club had filmed a recruitment video. It starts with Yui congratulating the prospective member on being admitted to the school, before entering the clubroom where the girls' instruments are dressed up in the school blazers and are having tea and cake. The final scene is of a trembling Mio in a pink nurse's outfit muttering a sign-off. The most peculiar thing about this tape is that it was so embarrassing, Azusa only found it stashed away in a cookie tin.

With the tape finally released from its seal, and Mio having a nervous breakdown, Ritsu reminisces the history behind the tape. Filming it was a giant mess, with Mio buckling under embarrassment, Tsumugi getting too excited about it, and Sawako Yamanaka who keeps opting for more revealing costumes. Finally, Yui was still a novice and couldn't remember how to play simple chords for the video. When they did eventually finish it, Mio couldn't bear it being made public, so had it sealed in the cookie tin.

Mugi suggests that they have another go at making a recruitment video, seeing as they'll need new members to replace them after they graduate. Sawako lends them a camera, and shoves cat ears onto Azusa, but she insists that this video has to be serious.

To create the most serious mood possible, they set up a formal meeting to discuss the type of video they want to make. Starting the discussion, Sawako again suggests that they use more revealing costumes. Though Mio shoots her down, the others do agree they need something that will have a high impact. Sawako's second idea is for the video to be done in a Hollywood blockbuster trailer style, full of special effects, explosions, choreographed fights, and all the other bells and whistles. Being shot down again, Sawako runs off to lock herself in the sowing room, vowing to make a revolutionary outfit.

The remaining girls resume round two of discussions. Mio offers her suggestion of filming the video from Ton-chan's perspective, much like in Natsume Sōseki's classic satire I Am a Cat. Though Mugi likes the literary edge to the idea, they get confused about how best to represent Ton-chan, or how to voice Ton-chan.

And so round three commences. This time, Ritsu takes a direct marketing approach and stresses that they focus on the benefits of joining the club. She suggests a mock talk-show where an anonymous guest who goes by the name of 'Ritsu' is being interviewed about her run of good luck after joining the Light Music Club. Not only did this mysterious guest get accepted into their first choice of university, she won the lottery, got taller, and her skin got silkier. She even goes as far as to include photos of before and after she joined. Azusa snaps her back into reality that it's all an obvious fabrication, even if it is a parody. Yui butts in, suggesting they dress up in their animal costumes, dance around, and do a comedy skit.

Round four. By now, they're spent and struggling to come up with ideas, though it turns out that their looks of deep thought were actually about what cake they wanted with their tea. After finishing their tea, Mugi thinks up of a fresh idea - a two hour long mystery film. At least Ritsu sees how something of that scale may just be a bit out of their immediate reach. Mugi comes up with more intricate, twisting plotlines, but Azusa shoots it down yet again. Seeing as she's turned down the most ideas today, it's Azusa's turn to make a suggestion. She mulls it over, and decides she'll come up with an actual plot.

At home, Azusa sits and ponders possible ideas, but she can't quite seem to. She meets up with Jun and Ui to get their thoughts. They tell her not to think too much and to just let in whatever comes naturally. Jun also suggests cool taglines and slogans. Jun's ideas are a little too flashy for Azusa, who simply admits she'd prefer something with a bit more of a homemade touch to highlight their best points. One of these points is that even though it looks like the club is always lazy, they seem to pull together when it really counts. It's there Azusa gets her idea. The video shall focus on interviewing people about what they think of the Light Music Club, interspersed with live footage and daily happenings.

The idea goes down well with the rest of the club. Suddenly, Sawako bursts in with her 'revolutionary costume' which is just some rather lascivious fishnet outfit. They then go down to the student to gather their old live footage. Afterwards, they start filming their everyday activities like feeding Ton-chan, having tea, and studying. Finally, before doing interviews, they film one last scene on the rooftop with their instruments.

The episode wraps up with some of the interviews they filmed. Highlights from the interviews include Sawako's self promotion as an excellent advisor, the volleyball club plugging their own advert into the video, proper, serious interviews with Ui, Jun, and Nodoka, and finally an interview with a mysterious alleged member of the club who ran into lots of luck after joining. Except right at the end, Sawako spliced that one shot of Azusa with the cat ears, prompting her to pull a Mio and seal up this one too.

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