Praying Mantis
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume 3, Chapter 11
Anime Debut Season 2, Episode 12: Summer Festival!
Other Appearances

Praying Mantis is a band consisting of five members.

Musical Profile Edit

The band seems to be fairly skilled and famous, able to perform in a gigantic musical festival as the "Natsu Rock Festival" (which is most likely an allusion to the Fuji Rock Festival, the largest outdoor music event in whole Japan), where they could enthuse a crowd of many thousands of people with their music in the manga and emceeing in the anime.[1][2] Furthermore, they are famous enough to sell their own products, like shirts.

Gallery Edit


  • "Praying Mantis" is a common name for the insect order Mantodea.
  • In the episode "Summer Festival!", the band was named KAMAKIRI which is the Japanese word for "Praying Mantis" (螳螂), written in rōmaji.
  • The band's name might be an allusion to a real-life band with the same name.


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