First Appearance
Anime Debut Season 1, Extra Episode: Live House!
Other Appearances
Voice Provider
Musical Profile
Role Bassist
Gender Female
Hair Purple
Eyes Yellow

Rui (ルイ(るい)) is the bassist of the band Death Bang Bang Chicken.


Despite looking "scary" at first sight, Rui is actually a rather kind person, seen when she comforted Ho-kago Tea Time after their embarrassing accident on stage.

Appearance Edit

Rui has purple-coloured hair and yellow eyes. Over her right eye, she has a red painting and she also put on purple lipstick. Her left ear is pierced. She wears a spiked neck ring, a dark-grey, tattered shirt that reveals a bit of her stomach and has an image of a spiderweb on it. Underneath her shirt, she wears a second, white one. Her black trousers are fixed with a white belt that has grey rivets on it. She als wears high-heeled shoes. Her right arm is decorated with three red lines on the upper arm and two armlets over her wrist.

Gallery Edit

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