Sachi Hayashi
Sachi hayashi new mugshot
First Appearance
Manga Debut College, Chapter 1[1]
Other Appearances
Voice Provider
Also Known As Hayashi-san
Age 18-19
Musical Profile
Role Bassist
Instrument Gibson Thunderbird Bass in Cardinal Red
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown

Sachi Hayashi ((はやし) (さち)) is the bassist in Akira's band, Onna Gumi. She met Ayame and Akira in high school and has now become a friend of Ho-kago Tea Time in university and is the one behind their band's name.[2]


Sachi is very tall and has a mole under her right eye. She has long, brown hair that goes over her shoulders and a fringe. She may be designed to be the "beautiful" character.


Sachi seems to be a gentle girl, who had complimented on Mio Akiyama's performance in HTT. Mio Akiyama, being very shy, quickly answered that she is a fan of hers. Sachi appears to be shy, too, as Mio Akiyama was complimenting her on her height, she crouched down slowly, most likely out of embarrassment. Sachi is rather self-conscious about her height, she tends to crouch down whenever the topic is brought up.[3] She has this "big sister" feel from others, which she believes is due to her height.[4] Like Ayame Yoshida, she enjoys fun things especially if it's related to Akira Wada. Also, both of them have no plans of becoming professional musicians, unlike Akira, but Sachi stays a member of the band because she loves the music that Onna Gumi creates when they all play together.[5]


  • "Um... Akiyama-san, right? Your performance at the welcoming party was really great. As a fellow bassist, I admired it. You're a lefty, right? I makes for great symmetry on stage."
  • "You shouldn't say that, Ayame. People get complexes about all kinds of things. It's very personal. Like having a nice body, or large boobs... or being tall, or being tall, or being tall..."
  • "Maybe I should diet too. [...] But what if it helps me shrink my height...?"

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