"Sakuragaoka Musical Productions"
Sakuragaoka Kageki Dan
Season 2
Episode Special
Japanese air date January 19, 2011
Previous 3-Minute Cooking
Next Once Upon a Time

Sakuragaoka Musical Productions (桜が丘かげき団 Sakuragaoka Kageki Dan), is an Ura-On!! special 2 minutes and 12 seconds long. After the school play, Yui comes up with ideas for musical adaptations of their songs.


Number 1: In the Style of the Light Music Club


The Light Music CLub decides to stick to music.

Azusa praised the senior's performance of 'Romeo and Juliet'. Yui then suggests making musical performances based on Light Music Club songs. The first song they are decide to perform is the Pure Pure Heart song, but it doesn't make any sense. The second song musical performance is Curry Before Rice, which just ends with everyone in food costumes. The third performance is the Calligraphy Pen ~Ball Pen~, which doesn't even look like a performance anymore. By the end, everyone agrees that it's better to just do a live concert instead of a musical production.

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