Sawako before she overdid it

Sawako confessing her feelings to her crush.

During her career at the Sakuragaoka High School, Sawako was a rather shy and inconsiderable girl. She played guitar for some time and joined the school's Light Music Club. After some time, she fell in love with another male student and confessed her feelings to him. However, since he preferred "wilder" girls, he turned her down, leading her to change her nature and form the speed metal band Death Devil alongside her friends Norimi Kawaguchi, Della and Jane. Sawako took on the alias "Catherine". The band quickly became very famous and liked. Sawako completely changed her appearance by using makeup and wearing punk clothing, looking a lot wilder and more confident. Her crush, however, did not seem to be pleased, so she started to get even more serious, changing the image of her band and herself more and more until the fandom almost appeared to be a cult. As the band was more famous and wild than ever, she tried to ask her crush out once again. However, he turned her down again, stating that she "went too far".
Horigome and Death Devil

Death Devil performing at their school.

Despite her misfortune, the band remained and the members started to form a strong friendship. The band was very popular among the students of their school, but it also earned them many problems with the Light Music Club's advisor Horigome. During her last year of High School, she struggled with choosing a career path. Since the boy she liked back then aimed to become a teacher, she chose to become a teacher as well. Before she graduated alongside her friends, the band wrote a song for the Light Music Club's juniors.

Death Devil graduating

Sawako graduating alongside her friends.

She then started to study to become a music teacher. The boy she follwed however turned her down as well, much to her grief. Eventually, the members of Death Devil parted ways and the band was not active anymore, but the members kept in touch and remained friends.

After she finished her studies, she became the music teacher of her old school.


Everybody in the faculty office

Sawako meets the future generation of the Light Music Club.

As a new term started, Sawako is asked by Ritsu Tainaka and Mio Akiyama about the Light Music Club and has to tell them that it is on the verge of being disbanded. Only a few moments later, she meets Yui Hirasawa, and is acquainted with her unhandily nature.