• Though she often had to be motivated or manipulated first, Sawako actually has been vital to the Light Music Club's success. She personally trained Yui to sing and play the guitar at the same time (which Yui was unable to do before).
  • Her surname is taken from The Pillows vocalist/guitarist Sawao Yamanaka.
  • The reason she was so wild in her days in the light music club was because the boy she fell in love with said that he liked his women more wild, so she became more wild - wilder and wilder. However, when she went back to him, he said she had overdone it (She really had!).[1]
  • Sawako once owned a Gibson SG Standard guitar given by her dad's friend, but she kept it in the music room because she thought it was not in a playing condition anymore. Yui later found it, but Sawako told her to sell it, which, unbeknownst to her, sold at a very high price (¥500.000) because of the rarity of its materials.[2]