First Appearance
Anime Debut Season 1, Extra Episode: Live House!
Other Appearances
Voice Provider
Japanese Yukiko Monden
German Eva Thärichen
Musical Profile
Role Guitarist
Gender Female
Hair Red
Eyes Red

Sayaka (サヤカ(さやか)) is the guitarist of the band Death Bang Bang Chicken.


Despite the fact that Sayaka might look "scary" at first sight, she is actually a rather kind person who shows a real love for her band's music, willing to continue to become a professional despite all the losses the band had to accept in the past. She also comforted Ho-kago Tea Time after their embarrassing accident on stage without reservation.


Sayaka has raised hair which is coloured red, just as her eyes and the lipstick she applied. Her ears are pierced. She wears a black tanktop that does not cover her whole stomach, a black miniskirt with a red-violet belt, tights with grey rips on them and red-violet boots. She also wears a studded wristband on her left wrist alongside several bracelets on both. Around her neck, she wears both an iron chain and a normal necklace.

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