First Appearance
Anime Debut Season 1, Extra Episode: Live House!
Other Appearances
Movies K-ON! Movie
Voice Provider
English Erika Harlacher
Musical Profile
Role Guitarist, Vocalist
Instrument Gibson Les Paul
Gender Female
Hair Green
Eyes Light Green

Shiho (詩穂(しほ)) is the guitarist and one of the vocalists of the band Love Crysis. She made her first appearance in the episode Live House!.

Shiho and her bandmembers Maki and Aya invite the band of Maki's friend Ritsu Tainaka, Ho-kago Tea Time, to play at a live house as the first live performance outside of the band's school.


Although Shiho might appear "scary" at first sight, she is actually pretty kind, greeting strangers without reservation. She also appears to be very carefree and is mostly seen with a smile on her face.

Appearance Edit

Shiho has shoulder-length green hair, light green eyes and usually wears her band's trademark, an orange pullover, as well as a white bandanna, turquoise tights and brown boots. In London, she is seen wearing a red coat, a white scarf and yellow tights.[1]

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