"Summer Classes!"
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Kaki Koushuu
Season 2
Episode 14
Japanese air date July 6, 2010
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K-ON!! Season 2 episode #14


It's time for summer classes, and Tsumugi has a strange request for Ritsu.


Tsumugi sneaks up on Ritsu.

It's the day before the start of the summer classes. Ritsu calls Mio, hoping to hang out, but Mio declines, as she's busy studying. Since Yui and Nodoka are also studying together, Ritsu is left alone at the train station with nothing to do. However, she spots Tsumugi disappear around a corner just as she's about to give up. Thinking she hasn't been spotted, Ritsu tries to sneak up on Tsumugi, only to be surprised herself when Tsumugi ambushes her.

Although Tsumugi only intended to do some shopping, she enthusiastically agrees to hang out with Ritsu for the day. Tsumugi, who is just simply excited to be out together with Ritsu alone for the first time, lets Ritsu decide where to go. Ritsu thinks it would be interesting to take Tsumugi to places she normally wouldn't go, suggesting an arcade first. To Ritsu, Tsumugi seems to disapprove of this choice, but Tsumugi quickly reaffirms her eagerness, recalling how their last trip to the arcade with the whole club was so much fun.

Yui and Ritsu replace Tsumugi's eyebrows with protractors.

Meanwhile, Yui is studying with Nodoka, but falls asleep and has a dream about Tsumugi's eyebrows being takuan slices. Yui and Ritsu pluck both of Tsumugi's eyebrows - and they're delicious. However, what they didn't know is that when both of Tsumugi's eyebrows are removed, she deflates into a blob. Desperate to find replacements, they use protractors as substitute eyebrows, saving Tsumugi until Yui wakes up. Yui and Nodoka later take a break from studying with some cake. Yui, wishing to try some of Nodoka's cake, offers to trade bites. Though she agrees, Nodoka feels guilty about trying Yui's more expensive cake, so she only takes the strawberry without realizing that this breaks Yui's social expectations of cake-sharing etiquette. Yui frantically calls Azusa, desperately trying to find someone who agrees with her that it's wrong to take the strawberry off the top of the cake. Neither Nodoka nor Azusa seem to understand Yui's hysteria.

Tsumugi tries to win a teddy bear at a claw machine.

At the arcade, Tsumugi is completely enthralled by the novelty of many of the games there. With so many choices, Tsumugi is unable to stay calm and excitedly points out an arm wrestling game to try first. Ritsu struggles against the game and loses, prompting Tsumugi to avenge Ritsu with a swift, overpowering swing. At a claw game, Tsumugi is devastated when she fails to get the teddy bear she wanted, but with a bit of finesse and luck, Ritsu wins it for her. Secretly, Ritsu is glad that they didn't end up empty handed, lest she endure Tsumugi's disappointment for the rest of the day. Finally, they go into a photo booth, striking goofy poses and messing up each other's appearances in the photos.

Tsumugi stuffs candy into her mouth.

Having realized that they spent quite a bit of money at the arcade, Ritsu takes an ever cheerful Tsumugi to a dagashiya. Like in the arcade, Tsumugi is overjoyed as she explores the store, pointing out all sorts of treats which she can't believe only cost 20 or 30 yen. After shopping, Ritsu shows Tsumugi her "secret techniques" for efficiently enjoying their candy.

Ritsu can't do a full force chop.

Over lunch at a fast food restaurant, Tsumugi praises Ritsu for having gotten so much out of the day on so little money. Ritsu knows that by normal standards they spent quite a bit, but she lets the comment go. The thought causes her to recall the time Mio hit her for trying to mooch too much money off of her at the music store. This anecdote causes Tsumugi to become unusually sullen and she informs Ritsu that there's been something she's been wanting to ask for a long time. Feeling like she's missing out on physical intimacy that the rest of the club experiences like Mio hitting Ritsu or Yui doting on Azusa, Tsumugi makes a sincere request of Ritsu to hit her. Though she agrees with some hesitation, Ritsu can't bring herself to go through with it -- not unless she has a specific reason to do so, like if Tsumugi does something incredibly stupid.

Tsumugi's summer dress.

The next day, summer classes begin. Mio has accidentally worn her school uniform despite there being no requirement to do so, and Ritsu takes the opportunity to mercilessly tease her for it. Tsumugi, however, turns up in a totally inappropriate outfit. Not only does she wear a dress more suited to a beach than a classroom, she also wears socks with her sandals. Ritsu catches onto Tsumugi's plan - to try to coax someone into hitting her by acting as stupidly as she can. On the way up to the classroom, Yui tries to explain her cake dilemma to Mio, who completely understands, having hit Ritsu before for the same reason. Mugi takes special notice of this last part.

Tsumugi and Ritsu wear goofy glasses.

Ritsu confronts Tsumugi about her plan and agrees to help so long as Tsumugi acts as outlandishly as possible without fear of embarrassment. First, they try to annoy Mio by wearing novelty glasses, but the ones Tsumugi chooses actually look good on her. Next, Ritsu tells Yui to squint her eyes while reading her study guide so that the answer will pop out. Tsumugi does the same, but is praised by Mio when she gets the correct answer. Finally, they show Mio their student cards. Ritsu has her back to the camera in her picture and Tsumugi has a pig nose, but Mio realizes that Tsumugi's is just a sticker covering up a far more normal picture. Despite trying her best, Tsumugi can't get Mio to hit her.

Tsumugi steals Mio's strawberry.

The next day at the club room, there's an extra slice of cake. The club decides to play a game to decide who will get the extra slice, and Ritsu takes the chance to suggest that the loser will get flicked, hoping that Tsumugi will intentionally lose. Ironically, Tsumugi wins the extra slice and Ritsu gets her forehead flicked. When they sit down to eat, Tsumugi realizes that it's strawberry cake, and seizes the opportunity to steal Mio's strawberry just before she eats it herself. Not knowing what to make of the situation, Mio starts to tear up, and Yui finally gets to prove to Nodoka the importance of the strawberry to the cake.

Tsumugi and Ritsu showing off their band-aids.

Tsumugi finally explains herself, apologizing for her selfishness. Mio reluctantly agrees to hit Tsumugi but just can't bring herself to do it and hits Ritsu instead. Leaving the school together, Ritsu laments to Tsumugi that they failed, but Tsumugi doesn't mind anymore. Tsumugi confesses that she really appreciates Ritsu as a friend who is kind and determined, finally stating that if were she a boy, Ritsu would be really popular. Confused, embarrassed, and unsure of how to react, Ritsu finally hits Tsumugi.


  • The treat that Ritsu pops open on her leg is called fugashi (風菓子)
  • The treat that Tsumugi twirls is called neri-ame (練り飴 - kneading candy)


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