Season 2
Episode 16
Japanese air date July 20, 2010
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K-ON!! Season 2 episode #16


Azusa notices she is becoming more like her upperclassmen.


Azusa discusses her club's activities with Ui and Jun.

After catching Azusa taking a break with the Light Music Club, Jun starts to get suspicious of the club's activities. Azusa draws up a schedule of the club's activities, and Jun notices that there's quite a few meetings. Judging by the scene she walked in on earlier, Jun probably assumes that these are all excuses to have tea, so she asks about what they discuss in these meetings. Azusa nervously elaborates on Ui's suggestion that the club actually does talk about music related things and plans for their performances. Jun sees through this, claiming that Azusa has changed from her ambitious, hardworking self. Determined to restore her reputation, Azusa declares that she'll make a comeback and make sure the club stops wasting time.

Tsumugi asleep in the clubroom.

Despite all of her enthusiasm, the music room is empty. Azusa then spots Tsumugi, who has fallen asleep by a desk while hiding in order to scare whoever comes in. Though the opportunity was missed, Tsumugi still tries to scare Azusa, who only plays along to not hurt Tsumugi's feelings. Realizing that the two are rarely in the room alone together, Azusa gets anxious and resolves to start practicing straight away. Tsumugi then asks Azusa if the guitar is hard to play, causing Azusa to let Tsumugi try it for herself, reminding Tsumugi of the time Ritsu tried Yui's guitar.

Tsumugi poses with Mu-tan in front of the mirror.

Content with just putting on the guitar, Tsumugi returns it, but not before Azusa teaches her how to play chords. Tsumugi then serves afternoon tea as they wait for the rest of the club. However, it turns out that Yui, Mio, and Ritsu were secretly waiting outside, watching Azusa and Tsumugi have a giggling fit over the latter getting cream on her cheek. Finally, as Ritsu and Azusa get annoyed at Yui for plastering stickers everywhere, Tsumugi shows the club her idea for a song for the upcoming school festival.

Azusa suddenly regrets offering to prepare tea.

The next day at lunchtime, Azusa, Ui, and Jun gossip about Tsumugi's caring nature and her odd quirks. After Jun teases Azusa about her love of Mugi's tea, Azusa realizes she wasn't productive at all, and that today she'll make her comeback for sure. Today, only Mio is in the music room, and she agrees to start practicing with Azusa right after she changes the strings on her bass. Thinking she's finally making her comeback, Azusa eagerly starts discussing possible songs to play for the festival.

Ritsu needs help with her homework.

Unfortunately for Azusa, she instinctively offers to prepare tea, since tea time always comes before practice. She tries to dissuade Mio from having tea by claiming it was a joke. Her efforts are ultimately futile as Ritsu bursts into the club room to beg Mio for help with her home economics homework, and Azusa reluctantly follows the rest of the club to Ritsu's house.

The club has dinner at Ritsu's.

At her house, Ritsu introduces her friends to her brother, Satoshi, who quietly retreats into the bathroom. Mio quickly sews the skirt for Ritsu, who has prepared hamburger steaks for everyone. Yui in particular thinks that the rice is amazing, to which Ritsu asserts that's its her duty as a Japanese person to have rice all the time.

The following day, Azusa and her friends gossip about hanging out at Ritsu's the previous evening, though today, Jun finally agrees that it's good to have a break every once in a while. However, Azusa realizes that the problem is that the club only ever takes breaks, and that today she will definitely make her comeback.

Yui and Azusa clean Ton-chan's tank.

This time, she meets Yui alone in the club room, and though she really wants to practice, Azusa agrees to help Yui clean Ton-chan's tank. Yui is almost ready to start practicing, but asks Azusa to help her read the music Tsumugi had written. When all this is done, Yui sits back, waiting for the others so they can have tea. However, when Azusa realizes that she also wants tea, she finally snaps, berating the club for slacking off so much. She desperately wants to start practicing. Yui calms her by saying that at the end of the day, everyone can only be themselves, and that her determination is just what makes her Azusa.

Yui's stickers saved the day.

While in class, a classmate of Azusa's returns to her her keychain. The classmate only knew who to bring it to because Yui had pasted a sticker on the back of it with Azusa's name. Noticing another personalized sticker on the bottom of her dessert cup, Azusa comes to appreciate that that's just the kind of person Yui is. Back in class, Azusa embarrasses herself by implying that all waitresses are meant to wear cat ears. She thinks that this definitely isn't her.


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