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Hey, there! The name's Vince, how are you?

Yeah, I started to be interested in the series about back in 2010 when I had watched it on Animax Asia one night when the channel was showing a commercial teaser of it, which got me curious to see what anime it was, watched it and pretty much got attached to it after the first few episodes and especially even more when the first season ended. Despite the series already being over, both in the manga and anime, it is still my #1 series of all in my entire life.

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To-Do List


  • Manga
    • Yui, Mio, Ritsu, Azusa, Tsumugi, Nodoka, Ui and Jun's history pages - Volume 1 and 2
    • Chapter images


  • Volume 3 and 4 of character history pages


  • "Listen!!" ED images for the Light Music Club members.
  • Re-added links in Episode Images for characters
  • Added a new section in Jun's Gallery page
  • Added Manga history sections on the main five's history pages.

On Hold

  • Check lyrics on music pages.

Favorite Characters

  1. Mio Akiyama - She's seriously cute because of her hypersensitivity, she's awesome when she plays her bass, when she sings and steps up out of her own shy attitude and I can relate to her, as well as with Yui, in more than two ways possible. There's also another personal reason why I like her the most out of everyone in the series and that's something that I could may as well keep for my self.
  2. Yui Hirasawa - Typically upbeat, energetic and cute. Much like Mio, I can relate to Yui since we're both a bit clumsy and tend to be distracted by certain things on some occasions. Along that, I also like her for another personal reason, once against, best kept for myself.
  3. Azusa Nakano - Azu-nyan!! Tsunderes are pretty much the greatest in the Animanga Industry and Azusa's one of them to say the least. She's pretty matured for her age, even more so than the others and on the same level as Mio to go with that. As Yui has said, she's short but cute and really tough in her own way with that too.
Mio in black This use's favorite character is Mio Akiyama.
Yui Listen This user's favorite character is Yui Hirasawa.
Azu This use's favorite character is Azusa Nakano.

Fan Arts

Some really unfortunate attempts of me showing my love for the series in the form of digital fan arts~

Favorite Albums

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