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Japanese air date September 28, 2010
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K-ON!! Season 2 Extra


Though the sample of the yearbook has arrived, it needs to be checked by Sawako Yamanaka, who is at home with a flu. Curious about what her apartment looks like, the girls decide to pay her a visit.


The episode begins with a flashback to when Azusa had only just joined the Light Music Club. Though the club are anything but normal, they want to make themselves look less boring to their new member. They concoct a commemorative photo. With a bit of eye makeup, they pose for the photo as if it were a family photo.

The seniors at school despite not needing to be there.

Back to the present, the episode is set shortly after their entrance exams, so the seniors are technically not supposed to be at school. Yet today, they visit the school since Nodoka is receiving the first mockup of the yearbook is coming in and is going to show it to the girls. As Yui, Mio, and Ritsu flip through it, they're instantly embarrassed by their photos. Mio and Ritsu think they both look weird, and Yui's still reeling from her haircut incident. Yui pleads with Nodoka to retake the photo, but she has neither the time nor resources to handle all of the other requests that would flood in if she complied with Yui's.

There's one problem with the yearbook. Sawako Yamanaka was meant to check it so that it could be returned the next day, but she caught a flu so is taking the day off. Yui, hoping to get her picture replaced, offers to go with her friends to Sawako's apartment. Also, they're particularly curious about what her apartment looks like and what her private life is like. It's a short walk from the school to Sawako's apartment, a plain and ordinary building, not like the death metal stronghold Yui was imagining.

The girls look at Sawako's old yearbook.

Eventually, Sawako lets them in. As Tsumugi prepares tea, the first thing Yui and Ritsu do is scope out the apartment for signs of whether or not Sawako has a boyfriend. They deem she doesn't. They then rummage through her wardrobe, and find some rather risque outfits of hers. Poking around some more, they find and go through Sawako's own yearbook, before asking her to check over their's. Yui tries to work all of her charm to get her picture replaced, but Sawako actually likes it, so it's staying.

They do however, find a mysterious hand on Yui's shoulder in the class photo. Ritsu suddenly remembers that it was her hand, and that she was propping herself up to look taller. Unprepared to take responsibility for it, she deflects the situation by casually suggesting they just replace the photo. Mio catches this and coerces her into confession.

Yui prepares to handle the cooking.

The girls then offer to help out Sawako around the house by preparing dinner, tidying up, and doing the laundry, splitting up chores with a game of Jan-ken-pon. Sawako, doubting Yuis cooking skills, isn´t to happy about the outcome of the Jan-ken-pon. Sawako then flips through the yearbook, looking back on some of the hilarious photos she's taken with the Light Music Club.

Sawako's old band visits her while she's sick.

Sawako had forgotten that Norimi and some of her other old friends were coming over to visit as well. Though the girls take this as a sign to head home, Norimi offers for all of them to have dinner together. But anyway, the girls have to head back to school. Noticing that the girls are graduating, Norimi shows some concern for the Light Music Club, hoping that it doesn't get disbanded, but Sawako asserts that the club will do fine.

Her confidence is not misplaced. Throughout the day, Azusa has been planning with Jun and Ui to jam in the music room together, while her seniors were out. The seniors catch on that Azusa is rehearsing, wish them the best of luck, and sprint off through the school halls, while the members of what will become Wakaba Girls do their own rendition of Fuwa Fuwa Time.

The episode ends with another flashback to a photo shoot with the Light Music Club. On Sawako's signal, they are to run out onto the grass and jump in unison. Except, on the final shot, though Mio is especially confident she'll get the jump on time, she's the only one to mess up.


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