Volume 1, Chapter 13
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Volume 1, Chapter 13 is a chapter of the first Volume of the K-ON! Manga by Kakifly.


Ui Hirasawa narrates that she got accepted into the Sakuragaoka High School. Together with her friend Jun Suzuki, she is about to visit the Light Music Club. Ui's older sister Yui Hirasawa welcomes them while wearing a maid outfit, a sight that shocks Ui and Jun. Ritsu Tainaka and Tsumugi Kotobuki also wear the outfits and Mio Akiyama is just about to be forced to by the adviser Sawako Yamanaka as well. Ritsu explains that since they have guests today, they thought of dressing up for that occasion. Ui then starts to introduce the members. At first, Yui tries to serve them tea but since she acts so clumsy, Ui takes care of it which angers Ritsu who is introduced as the next member. At that moment, Nodoka Manabe shows up to scold Ritsu since she forgot to hand in the authorisation form for using the gym again. The next member Ui introduces is Tsumugi who appears to be gentle as always. However, while Ritsu and Mio are struggling with each other in the background, Mugi starts fantasising about them, something Ui did not realise at all. The last person to introduce is Mio who is now wearing a maid outfit too. Since she is not willing to enter the room, Ui tells her that she looks good in it, thinking about her being cute. Ui then asks Yui about the costumes to which Yui answers that Sawako made them for them. Sawako then measures Ui until she asks her if she would mind wearing one as well which Ui rejects. Sawako then proposes to let the club perform for the guests. As they are about to begin, they notice that the maid outfits are cumbersome and decide to change. After putting on the school's tracksuits, Ui and Jun are unsure if they look cool or not this way. After leaving, Ui asks Jun about her thoughts. A bit deranged, Jun states that they were "amazing in several ways" and that the cake was delicious. The same night, Yui asks Ui about what Jun said. After hearing that Jun called them "amazing", she happily states that being in the club is fun after all. Ui recalls that her sister is indeed much more happy since joining the club. Yui then asks Ui if she would join the club as well to which Ui nervously answers that she will think about it.



  • A colored variation of the illustrations of Tsumugi, Ritsu, Mio and Yui exists in the alternate special back cover of Volume 2.
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