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Volume 1, Chapter 3 is a chapter of the first Volume of the K-ON! Manga by Kakifly.


Yui proudly presents her new guitar inside of the Light Music Club's room. The other members, Mio, Ritsu and Tsumugi delightedly applaud and ask for a short demonstration.

Yui's talent however is far under their expectations. Yui explains how she cherishes her guitar instead of playing it, leading Ritsu to scold her. As Mio notices that Yui hasn't taken the protective film off the guitar either, it gets ripped off by Ritsu which depresses Yui. Ritsu apologizes to her by giving her Mugi's new sweets which instantly brightens Yui up. With her new resolve, she thanks Ritsu for paving the road for her, to which Ritsu begins to applaud herself even more, leading Mio to hit her with her elbow.

Yui asks Mugi about the sweets she brings everyday and is once again greatly amazed by her family's wealth. She then asks how she can get the sounds bands have when being on stage. Mio shows her their guitar amplifier and Yui plugs her guitar in, amazed by the powerful sound her guitar makes now. Since she still can't play anything outstanding, she decides to unplug her guitar again. Mio tries to stop her since the volume is still turned up but is too slow. As Yui unplugs her guitar, she gets nearly blown away by the contorted sound. After practicing a bit more, she notes that guitar strings are pretty scary since they could cut her fingers anytime, leading Ritsu to try to scare her with painful stories. However, the story did not scare Yui but Mio instead. Mio explains to Yui that the fingers will eventually become callused which reduces the likeliness to get injured.

As proof, she shows her own fingertips which are enthusiastically squeezed by Yui for so long that it eventually gets embarrassing for Mio. Yui then asks where to start with her practice, to which Mio shows her a book with chords. Yui quickly learns that she can't read music either which shocks Mio once more. On her way back home, she is approached by Nodoka who is greeted by Yui with a chord. To the question where she was all the time, Nodoka replies that she was studying for the forthcoming midterm tests. After some seconds, Yui grasp the statement, shocked about the tests that lie in front of them. Daunted, she laments that she has to learn now instead of playing guitar to which Nodoka reminds her that she never learned for a test anyway.

Yui, full of confidence again states that she will be fine this time as well which Nodoka negates.


  • The cover picture of this chapter was used in the first opening of the second season of the anime during Ritsu's introduction.
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