Volume 1, Chapter 6
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Volume 1, Chapter 6 is a chapter of the first Volume of the K-ON! Manga by Kakifly.


During a training session at school, Yui cuts her finger on a string of her guitar. Not pleased about it, she shows it to Ritsu and Mio.

The latter however tries to ignore her since she can't stand painful stories, leading Ritsu to tease her by faking severe injuries. Ritsu then explains to Yui that her skin will eventually harden after time although it does not guarantee that she gets better at the guitar too. The whole conversation was overheard by Tsumugi who thought they might talk about something indecent instead. Afterwards, Ritsu shows them an album with pictures of previous members of the Light Music Club.

Yui asks Mugi where she was until now to which Mugi replies that she wanted to ask for some stage time for the upcoming concert but since the Light Music Club is not officially recognized as a club, it was denied. After some seconds, Yui and Ritsu get the message and are horribly shocked about it, unlike Mugi. Yui and Ritsu wonder why the club isn't accepted and start getting nervous after Yui wonders if they might have used the club room illegally until now. Ritsu commands to pay the student council a visit and wonders where Mio is at the moment to which Yui shows her that she still cowers in fear from before. Inside of the student council, it is revealed that Nodoka is part of it, much to Yui's surprise. Nodoka quickly finds the problem: Ritsu simply forgot to hand in the official club application form, causing Mio to punish Ritsu by pinching her cheeks. Nodoka tells Yui that the Light Music Club is a perfect fit for her. Afterwards, a narrator generously introduces the school's music teacher Sawako Yamanaka until she turns around and it's revealed that the narrator is actually Ritsu.

She asks Sawako to become the club's adviser but Sawako has to decline since she already is the supervisor of another club. Yui then asks her if she attended the Sakuragaoka High School in the past since she recognized her on an image in the photo album earlier. Sawako drags the club into the clubroom where she admits that she was part of the Light Music Club in the past. Yui gives her her guitar for a demonstration which comes right away with Sawako changing her look to a gloomily grin. With remarkable skill, she starts playing different complicated guitar techniques and scolds the four girls for slacking off too much afterwards.

After returning to her usual self, she is blackmailed by Ritsu to become the club's adviser so the Light Music Club members remain silent about her true nature.

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