Volume 1, Chapter 7
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Volume 1, Chapter 7 is a chapter of the first Volume of the K-ON! Manga by Kakifly.


With Sawako Yamanaka as the Light Music Club's adviser, the club has all that was left to become officially recognized.

Ritsu Tainaka announces that they will work hard to be ready for the upcoming concert. Sawako however scolds them for using the club room as they please with eating snacks and drinking tea. Tsumugi Kotobuki manages to calm her down by inviting her to eat as well. The club members then ask Sawako to listen to their "original piece". After the performance, Sawako criticizes the lack of vocals, something the four did not think about at all until then. Sawako asks if they at least have lyrics for the song which Mio Akiyama affirms.

However, she is too shy to show them to the others and struggles with Yui Hirasawa who wants to see them at all costs. After a short while, Sawako has enough of it and snatches them away from Mio. With Ritsu at her side, she reads the lyrics which turn out to be pretty corny.

Mio, hurt by the harsh reactions starts crying. Conscience-stricken, Sawako tries to calm her down while Ritsu asks Yui about her opinion. Unlike Ritsu, Yui really loves them and praises Mio enthused. Feeling cornered, Ritsu asks Mugi who appears totally entranced. Ritsu asks further questions, but Mugi only has eyes for the embrace of Yui and Mio which looks far more romantic in her eyes than in the reality, confusing Ritsu. As her last hope, she asks Sawako about it who agrees at first until she thinks about how much supporting the lyrics might improve her image. With everybody against her, Ritsu gives in and approves the lyrics.

Mio is elected to be the vocalist which she fiercely denies since she can't sing such an embarrassing song in front of other people. The next possible vocalist would be Yui who acts flattered, denying it at first too. Ritsu accepts this without further questions, leading Yui to beg for the role she just denied. As a trial, she starts singing "Fuwa Fuwa Time" but forgets to play guitar at the same time. During her second attempt, she forgets to sing while playing guitar. Sawako volunteers to give her private lessons, starting with playing it with her teeth which Yui declines. A week later, Yui shows her new skills to the others. Despite a great improvement in playing guitar, her voice is completely husky due to her excessive training.

With Yui unable to sing at the concert in three days, the role of the vocalist has to go to Mio after all who faints on the spot after hearing the news.

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