Volume 1, Chapter 9
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Anime Adaption Christmas!

Volume 1, Chapter 9 is a chapter of the first Volume of the K-ON! Manga by Kakifly.


During winter, Ritsu informs the other members of the Light Music Club about a Christmas party that she planned, something nobody ever heard about before.

Ritsu planned to use Tsumugi's house but Mugi has to decline since one has to make a reservation one month in advance to be able to use it, shocking Ritsu and Mio. Ritsu's and Mio's places aren't an option too due to various reasons, so Mugi asks Yui who tells them that using her house will be just fine. Ritsu and Mio ask her if having so much guests will be alright to which Yui answers that her parents aren't there at Christmas anyway since they often travel together. Ritsu proposes to do a present exchange and warns Mio to not bring anything weird, leading Mio to throw the incrimination back at her.

On their way back home, they meet Nodoka who is invited to come as well. The next day, Yui and Nodoka are shopping the presents for the others. At first, Yui is about to buy something she wants for herself until Nodoka reminds her that she will most likely not get it, leading Yui to buy something more simple.

On Christmas eve, the club members arrive at the Hirasawa household where they are greeted by Yui's younger sister Ui. It turns out that Ui made all the food which earns her the praise of the others. Yui, angered by this, states that she made a good-looking strawberry cake which leads Ritsu to praise her until it is revealed that Yui simply put the strawberries on top of it. As they are clinking glasses, they are startled by Sawako Yamanaka who showed up out of nowhere.

To Sawako's question why they didn't invite her too, Yui blatantly answers that they thought she would have plans with her boyfriend which turns out to be false, depressing the mood and leading Sawako to pull her cheeks. As a further punishment, Yui has to wear a salacious Santa Claus-costume. However, Yui does not act embarrassing enough to satisfy Sawako who grabs Mio as her next victim. Just as she takes her clothes off, Nodoka shows up who quickly leaves again since she thought she got the house wrong. Afterwards, they start with the present exchange. Sawako, who also brought a present that was originally for her boyfriend once again depresses the rest.

As she opened Ritsu's present, she got scared by the jack-in-the-box inside it, leading her to completely break down.

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