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Volume 2, Chapter 0 is a bonus chapter of the second Volume of the K-ON! Manga by Kakifly. Unlike the other chapters, it was not published in Houbunsha's Manga Time Kirara magazine and is exclusive to the tankōbon volume instead.


Through the lens of a camera, Sawako Yamanaka can be seen asking about the status of the recording to which Tsumugi states that all is according to plan, passing the speaking role to Yui who starts advertising their Light Music Club and asks for new members.

Sawako drags an embarrassed Mio in front of the camera, revealing that Mio tearfully wears a nurse outfit. At that moment, Ritsu, the club's president, stops the recording while scolding Sawako and Tsumugi for eagerly putting Mio in such an embarrassing situation which does not have any connection to their club at all. She then pushes Yui, who was eating cake in the meantime, to play something on her guitar for the video. Yui takes ages to get ready and when she finally plays a tone, it is too loud and distorted, leading Ritsu to fall down while questioning if the club is able to get new members at this rate.

Meanwhile, the new students of the Sakuragaoka High School enter it in their new uniforms. Among them are Ui and Jun. Ui asks Jun about what club she plans to join to which Jun replies that she does not know yet but that she will pass on the Light Music Club for sure, something that does not wonder Ui at all. While arriving at their classroom, they overhear a classmate asking another one named Azusa Nakano if she really plans to join the Light Music Club which Azusa affirms. Jun ascertains that there are people who want to join the Light Music Club after all which Azusa overhears.

She asks the two if they know somebody in the club to which Jun tells her that Ui's older sister Yui is one of it's members. Azusa asks Ui about the instrument her sister plays and after hearing that it is a guitar, she openly expresses her admiration. She tells them that she heard the recording of the Light Music Club's concert at the school festival last year and that she was really enthusiastic while listening to the guitarist. Her expectations in the club are so high that Ui gets nervous since she knows that it will never be able to hold them.

Appropriately enough at the same time, the person in questions forgot how to play a "C"-chord again, much to the dismay of the club's president.



  • The cover picture of this chapter was used in the first opening of the second season of the anime during Azusa's introduction.
  • In this chapter, Azusa comically shows some feline characteristics, namely cat ears and a tiny fang.
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