Volume 2, Chapter 14
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Volume 2, Chapter 14 is a chapter of the second Volume of the K-ON! Manga by Kakifly.


Yui and Ritsu proudly announce that the K-ON! manga will be adapted into an anime.

Tsumugi and Mio still think about it being a bit weird unlike Azusa who is really exited about the thought of finally being able to walk and talk. As Ritsu mentions that the concerts will involve real music too, Yui mentions that she can't stop singing as soon as she is not shown in a panel like she used to do in the past anymore.

Ritsu then reminds Mio to remain calm and don't snap, leading Mio to ask her why she should do so. Ritsu tells her that the footage of her will be spread across the whole world, leading Mio to snap after all. At that moment, Sawako Yamanaka appears with a lot of make-up but before she can act like it's her usual look, Ritsu commands Azusa and Mio to take it off her by force.

In the meantime, Yui tells the reader to treat the anime favorably, as well as to continue reading the manga. A while later, Yui tells the others that she came up with an autograph since the manga will become an anime after all. She proudly presents her work to them but nobody seems to like it. Nevertheless, she pushes the others to come up with an own autograph too which is a difficult task for Ritsu, Mugi and Azusa.

Mio's however looks extremely professional, leading Ritsu to instantly know that she practiced it before.


  • The entire chapter can be considered as a break of the Fourth wall. Therefore, the story has no connection to the real plot.
  • The chapter's plot was not adapted into the actual anime seasons, but a part of it appeared in one of the Ura-On! episodes which are bonuses of the anime volumes.
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