Volume 2, Chapter 2
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Volume 2, Chapter 2 is a chapter of the second Volume of the K-ON! Manga by Kakifly.


The members of the Light Music Club greet it's newest member Azusa.

Ritsu and Yui bombard her with questions until Mio stops them. Azusa then completely introduces herself. When she mentions that she can play guitar, Ritsu tells her that Yui plays the same instrument to which Azusa asks Yui to look after her while calling her "senpai" which completely amazes Yui. She is then given Yui's guitar to show them her skills. Although she has a low self-esteem, her short play was more than enough to prove that she is way better than Yui.

Since everybody is speechless after Azusa finished, she apologises, thinking that her performance was rather poor, something Mio negates. Yui on the other hand acts unimpressed and tells her that she has a long way to go, shocking her friends who know it better. Azusa then asks Yui to play for her but Yui evades the challenge by faking a hurting back.

Ritsu pushes Yui away and approves Azusa's joining who is so happy and pure that it literally blinds Yui. After Azusa left the room, Yui starts panicking to which Ritsu tells her that she should start to practice. The next day, a motivated Azusa enters the club room, just to find the members drinking Tsumugi's tea, much to her surprise. She starts wondering about what they do is legal, just when the music teacher Sawako Yamanaka enters the room.

Azusa nervously searches for a justification but Sawako does not mind the tea set and orders one for herself. She then introduces herself and while Azusa thinks about her being beautiful, Sawako notes that cat ears might look good on Azusa. As nobody starts playing music, Azusa comes to the conclusion that they are testing if she might take the initiative. When she attempts to do so, Sawako yells that she should be quiet. Ritsu scolds Sawako for her overreaction and Mio starts calming the shocked Azusa. However, Azusa completely snaps and starts questioning everything the club does at the moment, leading Sawako to beg for mercy. Azusa rages until Yui calms her down by petting her.

Calm again, Azusa apologises but Mio agrees with her, stating that the club will be more serious in the future. Since Yui and Sawako look very daunted by this, she repeats it in a more serious tone.

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