Volume 2, Chapter 4
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Volume 2, Chapter 4 is a chapter of the second Volume of the K-ON! Manga by Kakifly.


The new member of the Sakuragaoka High School's Light Music Club named Azusa introduces herself.

She states that she joined the club with high expectations after seeing their last concert, but these expectations can't be fulfilled by the other club members who are lazy without end. Mio asks Azusa if she got used to the club already to which Azusa states that she does not like the relaxed atmosphere. However, Yui assures that she will get used to that too. Azusa then wonders about Mio's reasons to stay in the club and asks her about a band outside of the school, something that does indeed sound interesting in Mio's ears. Ritsu, however, fetches some images from the last school concert which shocks Mio, leading Azusa to wonder if Mio is being blackmailed to stay in the club.

After Mio destroyed the picture, she starts the practice. Yui notes that Azusa's guitar looks cute, to which Azusa tells her that she can only play thin-necked guitars because her hands are rather small, leading Yui to burst out in anger. She compares her hands to those of Ritsu and Tsumugi, just to learn that both have smaller ones. Only Mio's hands are bigger than hers which leads Mio to get depressed instead. While Tsumugi cheers Mio up, Ritsu asks Azusa and Yui about the role of the lead guitarist. Yui volunteers full of energy, leading Ritsu to wonder where her confidence comes from. She then asks Yui and Azusa to play so it can be decided according to their skills.

After Azusa leaves a marvellous performance, Yui fakes chronic spasms to avoid playing too. She then wonders what spasms actually are and drops her masquerade afterwards, openly admitting that Azusa is more talented. She begs Azusa to teach her. While Azsua does so, Yui struggles with musical terms like "muting" and "vibrato", alienating Azusa. However, Yui quickly learns how to mute by herself, leading Mio to explain that Yui is somebody who learns by experiencing. The five then play together for the first time. While doing so, Azusa wonders why the four others sound so good when playing together, even though none of them is perfect in any way. Mio approaches Azusa to answers her previous question.

She states that she does not need a band outside the shool since she enjoys being together with her friends in the club, even though they goof around sometimes. Azusa seems to be convinced but after seeing Yui and Ritsu being totally tired after making music, she questions it again.

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