Volume 2, Chapter 7
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Volume 2, Chapter 7 is a chapter of the second Volume of the K-ON! Manga by Kakifly.


Ui is seen waiting in front of a restaurant for her friend Azusa. When Azusa finally arrives, Ui does not recognie her at first since she is completely tanned.

While eating their meals, Ui asks Azusa about her tan and states that her sister Yui didn't get tanned despite spending the time with Azusa together. Azusa justifies it with her having the most fun during their training camp. Ui laments the fact that she was not part of the trip and asks Azusa about their activities. It is revealed that the Light Music Club members only had funny activities, to which Ui notices that Azusa finally got used to the club, embarrassing her.

After finishing the meal, Azusa nags about Yui's weird habits but Ui only sees her sister in a positive light as usual. Azusa asks where Yui is at the moment which is her home, according to Ui. Because Yui can't handle heat or air conditioners well, she stays home without doing anything. Both imagine her lazing around but while Azusa considers it as a bad habit, Ui sees it the complete opposite. Azusa then notes that she wishes to have an older sister with Mio's personality. Ui asks about Ritsu who is rejected by Azusa due to her irresponsibility.

Unbeknownst to them, Ritsu was eavesdropping on them the whole time and therefore, she greatly scares Azusa. While cheerfully punishing her for her criticism, she informs them that she is on her own since Mio is at summer school. Azusa asks her if she does not have to attend it too which is a question Ritsu does not understand. She then asks Ritsu about Tsumugi being a member of a really rich family which Ritsu affirms. She presumes that her household has even a butler and that they visit other countries during holidays until she decides to prove it by calling her.

Since Mugi does not answer her mobile phone, Ritsu tries it at her home. Somebody answers, but the person is revealed to be the family's butler Saitō who informs the extremely nervous Ritsu that Mugi is currently at Finland, proving all Ritsu just said before. After leaving the restaurant, Ritsu is lured to the Hirasawa household by Ui's promise of watermelons.

Arrived there, they find Yui lazing around just as Azusa and Ui imagined her to.

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