Volume 2, Chapter 9
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Volume 2, Chapter 9 is a chapter of the second Volume of the K-ON! Manga by Kakifly.


Inside the Light Music Club's room, Azusa looks extraordinarily happy.

Yui asks her about it and it is revealed that Azusa is greatly looking forward to the upcoming school festival. She then states that she wishes to see the club's last performance, leading Mio to spill her tea out of shock. Sawako Yamanaka then arrives with a recording of the concert and tasks Yui and Ritsu Tainaka to keep Mio down, enabling Azusa to see the concert and Mio's embarrassing accident at the end.

Nevertheless, Azusa watches the performance again and notices that the club only sounds good when being on stage, leading Ritsu to facetiously punish her. At that moment, Nodoka arrives with the concern that she needs a new application for using the auditorium, something Ritsu forgot once again. Azusa is appointed to be the secretary and start writing. However, she quickly stops to ask about the band's name which was never decided before. Ritsu, Yui and Mio come up with completely different ideas, so Ritsu decides to settle it once and for all. Yui and Mio continue with different proposals which are all rejected by Ritsu.

She then asks Tsumugi about an idea, but hers is rejected as well. The debate goes on and on and after a while, Sawako snaps and decides the new name, Ho-Kago Tea Time, on her own. Now that the band is named, Sawako states that she made many new costumes for them and after some dispute, the band agrees to take a look on them. Sawako puts several dresses on Mugi and after some time, Mio gets confused and starts enjoying it. Azusa then spots some yukata and puts one on. The others like them too and after putting them on, they start practicing. Shortly afterwards, Nodoka visits the room again, just to be totally confused by what she sees there.

After the practice, everybody praises Sawako for the yukata, completely flattering her. However, at home, every club member thinks twice about the costumes and they all come to the conclusion that it would be pretty embarrassing wearing them after all. Yui however does not think so at all and wears her yukata the whole night. The next day at school, everybody agrees that the yukata are no option since they are embarrassing and also too thin.

However, the realization comes way too late for Yui who then catches a cold that night.

Trivia Edit

  • Azusa's image in the first panel is actually used for her introduction in the second version of the first season's opening.
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