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Volume 3, Chapter 0 is a bonus chapter of the third Volume of the K-ON! Manga by Kakifly. Unlike the other chapters, it was not published in Houbunsha's Manga Time Kirara magazine and is exclusive to the tankōbon volume instead.


The new year has started. Yui is reminded by her younger sister Ui that she has an appointment with her friends at the local shrine.

Yui struggles with standing up since she feels so comfortable under the kotatsu. She finally stands up to go to the bathroom, just to instantly crawl under it again after she finished. Meanwhile, Ritsu is collecting her family's mail. She finds new year cards from each Ho-Kago Tea Time member which painfully reminds her that she forgot to send hers. At the Akiyama household, Mio is seen starting to dress for the visit. Shen then reminds the visit at the shrine last year where she was the only one wearing a kimono since she misunderstood Ritsu.

Annoyed, she decides to wear casual clothes this time. At that moment, Ritsu calls her with the intention to ask her for some new year cards, but Mio, under the false impression that Ritsu is again trying to trick her, forcefully cuts her off. Arrived at the shrine, Yui, Ritsu, Mio and Azusa are amazed by Tsumugi who wears a noble kimono since she had business the morning. While Yui still admires her grace, Mio regrets not wearing a kimono after all, something that is instantly detected by Ritsu who uses it to make fun of her as usual.

Ritsu then proudly presents her new year cards for the others who are also provisional O-mikuji. Mio praises Ritsu for having a good idea once and draws her card which contains the worst possible effect, "curse". Ritsu states that she knows Mio's habit of always picking the second card from the right and therefore placed the card there on purpose, leading Mio to hit her. The five then pray at the shrine. After finishing, Yui asks Azusa about what she wished for.

Ritsu presumes that Azusa wished for her chest to grow more which Azusa instantly throws back at her. She is then asked again about her wish which is the success of their Light Music Club.



  • This chapter is one of the few that are completely exclusive to the manga (excluding all chapters from the K-ON! College and K-ON! High School volumes).
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