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Volume 4, Chapter 0 is a bonus chapter of the fourth Volume of the K-ON! Manga by Kakifly. Unlike the other chapters, it was not published in Houbunsha's Manga Time Kirara magazine and is exclusive to the tankōbon volume instead.


During the summer break, the members of Ho-kago Tea Time gathered together at Mio's place who is eagerly studying.

Ritsu laments the fact that the break is almost over and wonders how to spend the last days. After overhearing Azusa and Tsumugi talking about some girls who completely changed over the summer break, Ritsu decides to start with a complete makeover as well. Yui starts with acting like her younger sister Ui but quickly drops the act after Ritsu asked her to teach her in math. Ritsu then starts playing with Mio's hair who is still studying and ties it up so that it looks like Azusa's hairstyle again.

Yui, excited by the sight starts hugging Mio which forces her to tell her to stop. Suddenly, Yui angrily states that Azusa does not speak as harsh as Mio does it, so Mio tries to tell her in a shy manner to stop which leads Ritsu to be in hysterics, much to Mio's shame. While Azusa mentions that they more or less just impersonate each other, Mugi loosens her hair so that Azusa looks like Mio this time. Ritsu starts annoying Azusa who instantly assumes her new role perfectly by silencing Ritsu with a powerful clout which earns her praise from the others, much to Ritsu's dolor. Mugi asks Ritsu for her headband and puts it on to pretend to be her. She then tries to annoy Mio but actually, she achieves the complete opposite due to her out-of-the-ordinary behavior. Yui and Mugi then pressure Ritsu to allow them to play with her hair since she is the only one left.

They try several hairstyles on her which they all approve, but Ritsu is a nervous wreck already and shoos them away before apologizing to a confused Mio.



  • This chapter is one of the few that are completely exclusive to the manga (excluding all chapters from the K-ON! College and K-ON! High School volumes).
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