Volume 4, Chapter 10
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Volume 4, Chapter 10 is a chapter of the fourth volume of the K-ON! Manga by Kakifly.


The new year and the university entrance exams are just around the corner, so it's time for Yui to bunker down with her studies. To commit to her goal, she even locks her guitar in its case, and leaves it in her closet, but it isn't long before she can't help but take it out for a spin. Ui takes Gitah to stop that from happening again.

Yui's having trouble with her studying, so she calls up her friends to see if they want to come over and help out. Mio shuts her down quickly, thinking that Yui just wants to chat. Ritsu, however claims to be really busy. Busy grinding in some RPG that is. Ritsu comes over right away, except when she gets there, she finds herself in the same trouble as Yui with the same work, so it was essentially pointless for her to show up anyway.

Yui decides to pull out the big guns and call Azusa for moral support, rather than someone who could actually help her with work like Nodoka or Tsumugi. Even so, Nodoka is busy with prep school. They take their chances and call Mugi, who ends up coming over in an instant. And just as suddenly, Azusa bursts through the front door, expecting an emergency. Turns out that Yui accidentally sent Azusa an incomplete message reading 'Azu-nyan come to my place right now! I need your hel-'.

Meanwhile, Mio's busy studying at home, by herself. Yui sends her a photo of the whole club over at her house, and Mio decides it's not worth it to be by herself for New Year's. And so, even though everyone did end up studying, it turned out to be another normal New Year's with the Light Music Club, complete with Ui's New Year's soba.

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