Volume 4, Chapter 5
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Volume 4, Chapter 5 is a chapter of the fourth volume of the K-ON! Manga by Kakifly.


Today at the Light Music Club, Azusa seems to be the first to get to the clubroom. However, she notices something strange sticking out from behind a cupboard... But it's just Tsumugi, who was taking a nap in a spot that was kept warm by the sun. Mugi thought she would hide and wait until someone showed up to surprise them. And even though the time frame for the joke is long gone, Mugi still tries to surprise Azusa, who fakes her reaction as to not hurt Mugi's feelings.

Yui, Mio, and Ritsu are going to be late because of cleaning duty, which leaves Azusa alone with Mugi in the club room for essentially the first time. Azusa suddenly has a mini panic attack and decides to practice guitar while Mugi prepares tea for the afternoon. All of a sudden, Mugi is really keen to try the guitar. By 'try' Mugi really only means try it on - all she does is wear the strap, hold it, then return it to Azusa. But Azusa decides to teach Mugi some basics anyway, starting with the F chord. By the end of that practice session, Mugi's fingertips hurt. She's very impressed by how much pain guitarists have to go through.

While being served tea, Azusa starts wondering why Mugi even joined the club, especially when it looked like she was more suited to the choir club. Mugi notices that Azusa has been staring at her awhile, so Azusa deflects her embarrassment by pointing out that Mugi has some cream on her cheek. Then, Mugi confesses that sometimes, when no one's watching she steals bites of cake.

When Azusa starts cracking up, she catches Yui, Ritsu, and Mio eavesdropping on their conversation. And so the club's normal afternoon activities of tea and cake begin. Azusa can't help but feel uneasy that Mugi, who has a butler of her own, is essentially the maid for the club. Afterwards, the girls all head home. And even though Azusa and Mugi have become better friends, now that Azusa has seen more sides to her, everyone agrees that Mugi is still as mysterious as ever.

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