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Volume 4, Chapter 6 is a chapter of the fourth volume of the K-ON! Manga by Kakifly.


Today, Azusa walks in on a curious scene unfolding in the clubroom; the other girls actually sound like they're working. However, on closer inspection, Mugi is just showing Yui some latte art. This afternoon, Sawako doesn't seem to be around. Although Mugi and Ritsu joke that something terrible happened to her, the truth is that she just caught a cold and is taking the day off.

Out of the blue, Yui suggests that they all go and visit Sawako. No one seems particularly interested in going, until Yui mentions that they'll get the chance to pry on her private life. And suddenly they're off. On the way there, they start daydreaming about what kind of place Sawako lives in. Ritsu and Yui imagine that her doorbell must play some kind of rock or death metal theme. Mio is actually anxious about showing up uninvited, since Sawako's boyfriend might be home, if she has one. But the possibility of running into Sawako's boyfriend got everyone else fired up and running to her apartment.

Sawako, groggy and unkempt, really doesn't want the girls to come in, but they barge in anyway. Instead of being any way helpful, Ritsu and Yui rummage through all of Sawako's stuff, like her old Death Devil costume. When Mugi offers to make Sawako supper, all of the girls decide to help out, and split the chores amongst them. Yui ends up being given cooking duty, but Sawako suspects that Yui cooking will only make her fever flare up.

Despite appearances, Yui's cooking is actually pretty good. The other girls are busy as well. Mugi and Azusa are doing the dishes, Mio did the laundry, and Ritsu rummaged through Sawako's shelves until she found her yearbook. After they have a flip through it, reflecting on Sawako's high school life, they write her a 'get well soon' message before heading home. The next day, Sawako's back at class, but only Mugi is at the club room - everyone else caught a cold.

Trivia Edit

  • In the anime adaptation, they used the approval their yearbook (which they received from Nodoka) as an excuse to visit Sawako
  • In the anime adaptation, some of Sawakos friends also dropped by to visit her
  • In the anime adaptation, Ritsu, Mio and Yui did not catch Sawakos cold
  • In the anime adaptation, Azusa did not join them in visiting Sawako, she was instead spending her time practicing with Jun and Ui in the music room.
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