Volume 4, Chapter 7
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Volume 4, Chapter 7 is a chapter of the fourth volume of the K-ON! Manga by Kakifly.


University entrance exams are getting closer and closer. Yui and Ritsu are both ecstatic about getting a D grade, even though it's not particularly a very good mark, since it's only about a 20% chance of getting into their choice of university. But Mio suspects that the two other girls are only optimistic because they're denying reality. Yui quickly pulls a 180 and begs Nodoka to help her study. Likewise, Ritsu starts gleaming at Mio, also expecting help with study. And so, that afternoon, it's just Tsumugi and Azusa in the club room again.

Over at Yui's House, Nodoka's trying to get a grasp of Yui's weak subjects. 'All of them' is her reply. Ui serves the two girls tea and sweets, managing to solve a tricky problem while glancing over Yui's work. Nodoka swears that the two Hirasawa sisters must have been born in the wrong order. One hug led to another, and sometime that afternoon, the three girls all fall asleep huddled together. When Nodoka wakes up, she finds that Yui is actually studying. Then again, Yui has always been the kind of girl who tries things on her own and does her best.

Meanwhile, Mio's refusing to tutor Ritsu. One way or the other, Ritsu manages to sneak into Mio's room. Seeing as the only decent marks Ritsu got were because of Mio's help, Mio has no choice but to help. Oddly, Ritsu is actually really keen to study, mostly because she wants to be able to go to the same university as all of her friends. The mere thought that they could be separated gets Mio flustered enough to keep helping Ritsu.

The week after, new results are announced, and Ritsu and Yui move up to a C grade. And with their latest achievement, they suddenly lose all motivation to keep studying again. Mio, Yui, and Ritsu head on over to the club room to see what Mugi and Azusa have been up to. They find out that over the past week, Azusa's actually been teaching Mugi to play guitar.

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