Volume 4, Chapter 8
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High School, Chapter 8 is a chapter of the fourth volume of the K-ON! Manga by Kakifly.


The exams are coming up, though Ritsu doesn't seem the slightest bit nervous. In fact, while her friends are all studying, she's busy tapping away on her phone. Tsumugi jokingly suspects that Ritsu's texting her boyfriend, but Mio claims that there is no way Ritsu could have a boyfriend. Ritsu blushes, turns away, then rushes off, with a flimsy excuse that she has something to do. And now everyone really thinks she has a boyfriend.

But Mio won't accept one bit of it - there is no way Ritsu could have a boyfriend. And even if she does, she should have told everyone rather than keep it secret. Not to mention that exams are coming up, so having a boyfriend would just get in the way. These are the kinds of thoughts Mio has when she calls up Yui to chat until at least 3 in the morning.

The next day at school, Mio overhears Ritsu talking to Nodoka about giving a gift to someone. Mio becomes full blown paranoid, and tries to confront Ritsu about it, but Ritsu runs off, embarrassed. After school, Ritsu is acting funny again, and leaves early. They decide to follow Ritsu to try to see what kind of guy she's dating, but as they're spying, Ritsu catches them.

Ritsu finally comes clean: pretending to have a boyfriend was just an act to get Mio riled up. The real person Ritsu was meaning to meet was just Megumi, one of their old seniors who had only graduated the year before. Ritsu herself isn't quite sure how, but she and Megumi had become friends. And the real reason they decided to meet up that afternoon was for Megumi to let Ritsu borrow all of her notes and the past questions to the entrance exam, in exchange for a picture of Mio. Well, Nodoka did suggest the gift for Megumi...

At the end of the day, Ritsu promises Mio that from now on, she'll share everything, especially if she gets a boyfriend. Though she predicts she'll be at least 40 before that happens.

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