Volume 4, Chapter 9
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Volume 4, Chapter 9 is a chapter of the fourth volume of the K-ON! Manga by Kakifly.


It's nearing the end of the year, meaning there are two things on the Light Music Club's mind - their exams, and the Christmas Party.

However, even Ritsu realizes that there's just no time for a party this year since every day is for study... until she pleads to Mio to give them one day of a break for the party. Mio, however, is adamant that she won't go to any party if they do plan one. But Yui and Ritsu decide that there's no point in having a party without Mio... and that tips Mio over, who decides that if it's only one day, there's no harm, but by lunchtime, Azusa confides with her friends Ui and Jun that it was ultimately decided not to have the Christmas party for this year. It is only then that Jun realizes that they've been having parties at Ui's house without inviting her. Jun suggests that they throw a Christmas concert for the seniors, but Azusa never seemed to have realized that Jun played bass, and thought she was kidding.

Over at Ui's home, the three girls decide to practice. Jun forgot her pick, so she's using a coin, which Azusa finds really cool since it makes Jun look like a seasoned professional. Suddenly, Yui comes home slightly suspicious of everyone and their instruments. Ui covers for them by saying that Azusa is giving them lessons. Yui promptly sits down, hoping for some lessons as well. The juniors shoo her away, since she has to study.

On Christmas Eve, the last day of the school semester, the three juniors have set up their instruments in the music room for their party. They realize they missed one crucial fact: Azusa forgot to tell her bandmates to come to the music room, and they would have no reason to show up because of the closing ceremony. However, by a stroke of luck, all four seniors show up and even Sawako, one after the other, all on the hunch that there might be a party in the club room.

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