Wakaba Girls
Wakaba Girls new.png
First Appearance
Manga Debut High School, Chapter 2
Other Appearances
Members Azusa Nakano (Lead guitar, Vocals)
Ui Hirasawa (Rhythm guitar)
Jun Suzuki (Bass)
Sumire Saitō (Drums)
Nao Okuda (Production)
Style Pop Rock

Wakaba Girls ("(若葉の女の子(わかば 女の子)" lit. "Green Leaf Girls") is a band that only appears in the K-ON! (Manga). The members are Azusa Nakano, Ui Hirasawa, Jun Suzuki, Sumire Saitō and Nao Okuda. The president of the club is Azusa. Wakaba Girls takes place in Sakuragaoka High School a year after the seniors graduate.

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