Wakaba Girls
Wakaba Girls new
First Appearance
Manga Debut High School, Chapter 2
Other Appearances
Members Azusa Nakano (Lead guitar, Vocals)
Ui Hirasawa (Rhythm guitar)
Jun Suzuki (Bass)
Sumire Saitō (Drums)
Nao Okuda (Production)
Style Pop Rock

Wakaba Girls (Green Leaf Girls) is a five-member all-girl band which represents Sakuragaoka High School's Light Music Club, replacing Ho-kago Tea Time after the graduation of most of its members.


The Wakaba Girls was founded by Azusa Nakano, who was also a member of Ho-kago Tea Time, and currently leads the band as its lead guitarist and vocalist. Classmates Jun Suzuki and Ui Hirasawa, the latter of whom is the younger sister of Ho-kago Tea Time's Yui Hirasawa, both joined at the end of Volume 4. Ui becomes a guitarist like Yui.[1] Jun continues to play the bass, and Sumire Saitō joined after Tsumugi ordered her to take the expensive tea set from the clubroom (which was an excuse to make her go to the clubroom). Sumire became the drummer. Nao Okuda, bearing no talent with musical instruments whatsoever, joined as a producer after Sawako showed her an example of music software. It was later decided that Azusa would take on the role of the band's lead vocalist.


Azusa Nakano (中野(なかの) (あずさ) Nakano Azusa), is the veteran of the Sakuragaoka High School Light Music Club, being the only remaining member of Ho-Kago Tea Time. Azusa is modest and somewhat humble, but often criticised the former members' tendency of relaxing instead of practicing music. She is a very skillful guitar player, and takes the role of the leader of the new band.

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Ui Hirasawa (平沢(ひらさわ) (うい)) is Yui Hirasawa's younger sister. Like her sister, Ui plays the guitar. Ui is mature, knowledgeable, skilled, dependable, and otherwise the mirror image of Yui. She plays the guitar in the Wakaba Girls.

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Jun Suzuki (鈴木(すずき) (じゅん) Suzuki Jun) is Azusa's and Ui's classmate who often hangs out with the latter. Jun is generally a playful and easygoing girl, but she is sometimes rude without realizing it. Jun becomes the bassist of the Wakaba Girls.

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Sumire Saitō (斉藤(さいとう) (すみれ) Saitō Sumire) is a shy blonde girl who attends Sakuragaoka High School as a freshman. She originally had no intentions to join the club, but having the same skills as former member Tsumugi Kotobuki, she was welcomed and became the drummer.

Nao Okuda (奥田(おくだ) (なお) Okuda Nao) is a first-year student of Sakuragaoka High School and is in Sumire's class. She is the fifth member of the Light Music Club under the leadership of Azusa, taking over the task of composing songs and other tasks using her laptop.

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