"Winter… Volume"
Azusa's snowman
Uraon! ~Fuyu… no Kan~
Season 1
Episode Special
Japanese air date January 20, 2010

Inner music! ~Winter… Volume~ (うらおん!〜冬・・・の巻〜), also known as Winter… Volume (冬・・・の巻), is an Ura-On! episode published within the seventh K-ON! Anime Volume.


The episode shows different activities held by the Light Music Club during the winter days.


Number 1: Autograph

(その1 サイン Sono 1: Sain)
Azusa's, mugi's and ritsu's autographs

Azusa's, Mugi's and Ritsu's autographs

Azusa Nakano recalls the scene happening the day before their live performance. Yui Hirasawa practiced writing autographs and encourages the rest to do so too. Neither Azusa, nor Ritsu Tainaka or Tsumugi Kotobuki can come up with anything serious. Mio Akiyama however shows a very professional-looking one, leading Ritsu to think that she practices it already for a long time.

Number 2: Snowman

(その2 ゆきだるま Sono 2: Yukidaruma)
Ritsu kicked into the snow

Ritsu kicked into her snowman

Azusa Nakano recalls the scene happening during the snowy days while everybody makes snowmen. Azusa makes a normal snowman, Yui Hirasawa's snowman looks like a toy of her and Tsumugi Kotobuki's overtrumps them all in sheer size. Ritsu Tainaka's snowman is inspired by Mio Akiyama's underwear, making Mio so angry that she kicks Ritsu right into the snowman.

Number 3: Magistrate-sama

((その3 おぶぎょうさま Sono 3: Obugyou-sama)
Mugi regimenting

Mugi scolding Mio

Azusa Nakano recalls the scene happening during the night after the live performance when the girls plan to make nabe. Tsumugi Kotobuki scolds every other member as they aren't cooking properly. Azusa thinks about Mugi being a "nabe-maniac" and imagines her as a magistrate, making an allusion to magistrates being usually the villains in the japanese acting culture.

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