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"Winter Days!"
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Fuyu no Hi!
Season 1
Episode 13
Japanese air date June 26, 2009
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K-ON! episode #13


During cold winter days, Yui Hirasawa tries to look for someone to have nabe with, but it turns out everyone has something else to do.


It's winter. The members of the Light Music Club are quietly absorbed in their own various thoughts as the cold season rolls in, with the exception of Yui who is as laid-back and carefree as ever.

Ritsu staring off into space.

During a regular meeting in the clubroom, Yui complains about being unable to play guitar with cold hands. She attempts playing with gloves, but she can't play well with them, as Mio and Ritsu expected. Yui and Mio notice Ritsu suddenly spacing out and ask her if something is wrong, but Ritsu denies this and changes the subject.

Nobody has time to visit Yui the next sunday

Yui suggests eating nabe at her place next Sunday together, but everybody has to refuse because they're all already busy. Tsumugi says she already has a prior engagement while Azusa can't leave her home that day. Ritsu promised her younger brother Satoshi that she'd watch a movie with him and Mio wants to come up with new lyrics for the band since Ritsu and Yui distract her too much most of the time. Yui has to accept that everybody is busy and decides to just have the hot pot with her sister, Ui, and her guitar instead.

On their way home, Tsumugi leaves the group earlier than usual and heads towards a nearby restaurant, leaving the others to wonder if she's meeting with a boyfriend. When Yui and Azusa are left alone, Azusa says she needs to buy some toys and takes off. Meanwhile, Mio notices Ritsu appears to be lost in thought again, but Ritsu avoids any prying questions once more.

Azusa taking care of Jun's cat

The next Sunday morning, Ritsu retrieves her mail and appears to be searching for something else inside the mail box that she can't find. Meanwhile, Azusa is at home in a cat's company. She thinks back to how Jun Suzuki begged her to take care of it for the weekend since its normal caretaker Jun's grandmother fell ill. Azusa agreed, but is still nervous around the cat.

Mugi starts working

In the meantime, Tsumugi has started a part-time job at a fast-food restaurant under the guidance of her coworker Hitomi, while Mio sits inside a train bound for the beach listening to her band's song "Fuwa Fuwa Time".

Ritsu with the supposed love letter

While Yui is still sleeping, Ritsu fetches a sheet of paper at home she found in the mail the other day and reads it. Judging by the content, she thinks it might be a love letter. The letter seems to suggest that Ritsu looks better with her hair down, so she removes her headband and looks in a mirror to see. Her brother pulls her out of her reverie and she hurriedly prepares to go to the cinema with him.

Back at the Nakano residence, Azusa is unsure how to entertain the cat, but she eventually cajoles the kitten into resting on her legs. Azusa, becoming fond of her, names her "Azu-nyan 2", as an allusion to her own nickname.

Yui and Ui shopping

Meanwhile, Tsumugi is learning fast in her new job, much to her elation. Mio finally reaches the seashore she wanted to visit to come up with new lyrics alone. As she sits down to write, Yui and Ui are busy shopping for the hot pot and Yui tries to come up with silly new recipes.

Mio at the seashore

Mio quickly notices she can't come up with any lyrics and regrets not being with Yui at the time. Having watched the movie, Ritsu and Satoshi are walking back home when a friend of Satoshi shows up. The two head out to visit another friend and Ritsu is left behind alone.

At work, Tsumugi makes a mistake and runs into Hitomi, soaking her with coke and causing Tsumugi to break down crying. At Azusa's home, Azusa notices that Jun's cat starts coughing up hairballs, something she was not aware cats did, and she starts to panic. It is then that Yui sends to every band member a text message fielding opinions on her new ridiculous hot pot recipe, confusing everybody. Azusa calls Yui, condemning her for sending the message at such an inconvenient time and asking for help with Jun's cat. When Ui and Yui arrive at her home, she learns that it's normal for cats to cough up hairballs every now and then.

Everybody meets in the restaurant

Later, all the band members meets at the restaurant Tsumugi is working at. Ritsu finds out that the "love letter" was in fact just some lyrics Mio came up with and placed in her mailbox, angering Ritsu and causing her to make Mio promise never to do that again.

Back at school, everyone notices how warm Tsumugi's hands are and Yui once again thanks them for being part of the club. In the end, they encourage themselves again to perform at Budōkan one day.


  • The lyrics Mio wrote eventually became the lyrics for Ho-Kago Tea Time's song "Fuyu no Hi", which shares its name with the episode.
  • This episode marks the first time Ritsu is seen with her hair down under normal circumstances.
  • This is the first episode in which Jun is named in the anime.
  • In this episode a SpongeBob-like figure is seen in Ritsu’s room. The figure has no mouth, nose or pants though, has bunny hands, and looks like it was made with cardboard box.


  1. Ii Yume Mite Ne - The second best scene in the entire series
  2. Cotton Candy - Everyone's too busy
  3. My Hometown Where It Snows - Jun asks Azusa to look after her cat
  4. Ginsekai No Asa - Everyone's doing okay on their own...
  5. The Other Side Of Evening Sun - ...or not
  6. 2-hiki No Koneko - "2 Kittens", it's all in the title
  7. Karui Joudan - This is why they're always better off together
  8. Obaa-chan No Tansu - And everything's back to normal


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