"Yet Another School Festival!"
Yet Another School Festival!
Matamata Gakuensai!
Season 2
Episode 20
Japanese air date August 17, 2010
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K-ON!! Season 2 episode #20


It's the second day of the Sakuragaoka High School Festival, the day of HTT's live performance.


Preparing for their performance today, the Light Music Club slept over at the school in the music room. By morning, Mio is the last to wake. The others take advantage of this by writing all over her arm. But now, it's time to be serious and get ready for the show. They all trained hard for this day, so Azusa just wants them to play like they always do, and they'll be fine. They slip on the T-shirts Sawako Yamanaka made them and hurry down to the auditorium.

Class 3-2 during HTT's concert 8

Class 3-2 students cheering on HTT

Before the curtains come up, they plug in and tune up. Yui and Ritsu look back on their last two school festival performances, inadvertedly reminding Mio of that one particular incident two years ago, and the time last year when you got a fever and forgot Gitah at home. As Nodoka announces the next performance, the girls are excited and nervous, but ready to go. The curtains come up just as Yui trips on her lead, but the girls end up surprised for a different reason. Sawako has pulled off something truly special - everyone in the audience is wearing the same T-shirt as they are.

Yui just cannot believe the amount of support they've received today for their last show, introducing the band while on the brink of tears. Managing to hold back her tears, and snort up her snot, Yui and the band launch straight into their first song Gohan wa Okazu. It's an absolute stunner, with Yui inviting the audience to sing along as well.

As the MC, Yui then introduces all of the band members. First up is Mio, who, though embarrassed, does a couple of lines from the previous day's play, much to the delight of the audience and her own fan club. Next is Ritsu, who is just as embarrassed to redo her lines as Juliet. Nodoka signals to Azusa to move things along, but before doing so, Yui quickly introduces Azusa and Tsumugi. And of course, as typical of Yui, they don't know what song to play next, since Yui forgot to take the setlist with her.

K-ON Screenshot 3

Yui hands the mic over to the audience

After finishing the second last song on their list Fuwa Fuwa Time, Yui reintroduces the band and all of their closest supporters. She starts with the club advisor, Sawako. Next, Mio takes to the mic again to thank the audience. Yui's next acknowledgement is to her childhood friend, Nodoka, who would rather get Yui to hurry up rather than step up to the microphone herself. Mugi then gets her own little fanfare, spurring up all of her enthusiasm. Yui even gives a shout out to Ton-chan, the club's pet turtle. Finally, Azusa and Ritsu introduce themselves, Ritsu doing so cordially to introduce their final song.

But just before that, everyone takes a turn to introduce Yui -- the carefree, ditzy, hard-working, bubbly, reliable guitarist she is. By now, everyone -- the entire audience and band - are pumped for the last song. One last round of acknowledgements and thanks, and it's straight into U&I. Sweating and tired, the girls are still having a total blast on stage, the audience are all up on their feet. It is truly the perfect end to their spectacular run.

After the concert

The girls reflect on their show

After their performance, the girls sit up against the wall of their beloved music room, completely spaced out about how well their show went. Even with the memory of their best show still fresh in their heads, Yui starts to think about what will be coming up next. There's Christmas party, and New Year's, but what about another welcoming performance? Though that would require staying back a year at school.

All of a sudden, staying back doesn't sound like a bad idea. They've got the air conditioning to last through the summer, they can have another training camp, and yet another school festival - but the most important thing is that they all get to be together for just one more year. Yet, unfortuntely, this is their last year together at school. By this point, Mio's already sobbing quietly to herself, Yui and Ritsu are 'just sweating', and Mugi, who doesn't want this to be the end, has a sudden outburst of tears. In an eclectic mix of sadness and joy, they all huddle together and eventually fall asleep under a soft afternoon light.

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