White christmas

Yui presents Ui with a "White Christmas".

Yui Hirasawa is the eldest daughter of the Hirasawa family. Ui Hirasawa, her only sibling, is a year younger, and both share a close, affectionate bond. Because their parents travelled often on business, Yui was usually cared for by Ui, the more mature, albeit younger one. On a Christmas early in their childhood, Yui tried "fulfilling" Ui's wish for a "white Christmas" by placing a pillow's stuffing onto a tree in front of their home. Naturally, her actions earned heavy scoldings from their father.
Nodoka stopped Yui from eating the pen

Yui and Nodoka become friends.

Yui also grew close to Nodaka Manabe during early childhood. She first approached Nodoka in kindergarten, suggesting they draw pictures together. After Nodoka drew a delicious-looking apple, Yui thought that the crayon would be as delicious as the drawn apple seemed, and tried eating it. Nodoka managed to stop her, and both have been close friends since. They always attended the classes in school, and eventually, Nodoka became used to helping Yui despite all the trouble Yui caused her, like forgetting to buy the ingredient she was tasked with for a cooking lesson.

From an early age, Yui also build a strong connection to their kind neighbour Tomi Ichimonji.

After graduating from Junior High School, she was accepted into the Sakuragaoka High School..

Disband the Club!

Yui the new High School student

Yui being happy about starting her high school career.

On the first day of her high school career, Yui got the time wrong, thinking she was late for school, and started rushing towards her new school, leaving her sister behind confused. Upon arriving at the school, she got excited about the thought of being a high school student now. After a while, she ponders about what club she should join and comes to the conclusion to choose the Light Music Club. Later after her decision, when asked by Nodoka why she chose the Light Music Club, she expresses how it would be easy for her to be in the club, since she does know how to play the castanets, having a flashback from when she was in kindergarten playing the aforementioned instrument.

Yui then visits the Teacher's Lounge to help Ms. Yamanaka get to their class but, due to her clumsy behavior and having her attention be on two other students, accidentally drops Yamanaka's papers on the floor and hits her head on the desk before shakenly bringing them to the classroom. Soon, Yui decides to finally visit the Music Room where the Light Music Club is at, feeling a bit nervous at first and having exaggerated thoughts about the club, before she is greeted by the club's president, Ritsu Tainaka, who was one of the girls she saw earlier at the Teacher's Lounge. With Ritsu overjoyed to finally meet her, Yui is then introduced to the other members of the club, bassist Mio Akiyama, and keyboardist Tsumugi Kotobuki.

Though at first the club was excited to meet her, due to expecting her to be a guitar prodigy, Yui admits to not knowing how to play a guitar or any other instrument except for the castanets. However, the club decides to play a song they made themselves, where Yui gives a rather blunt reaction to. Despite not knowing how to play a guitar, Yui joins the club and promises to learn how to play a guitar soon.


Yui and her guitar first meeting

Yui finds the guitar she wants

After being accepted into the Light Music Club, Yui joins Mio, Ritsu and Mugi in the music room. Later, Mio reminds her that she has to buy a guitar as soon as possible so that she can begin practicing on it and after school, she gets a ¥50,000 advance on her allowance. Yui then goes off to meet the others the next day to buy a guitar, but on the way she becomes distracted by a few things, becoming late as a result. They arrive in a music store where Yui spots a particular guitar she immediately becomes attracted to; a Gibson Les Paul.

To her and the others' surprise, the guitar is too expensive for her to afford. The rest of the club then decided to take part-time jobs to help her afford it, with Yui thanking them all. For the next two days, she and others count automobiles for a traffic survey, but she then begins to feel bad to having to rely on the others to help her and decides to give their money back and buy a cheaper guitar. Yui and the others return to the music store the next day and, despite what she said, she feels upset after looking at the guitar she had wanted to buy. To her, Mio and Ritsu's complete surprise, Mugi was able to have an employee in the store to lower the price of the Les Paul to one that Yui can afford, to Yui's excitement.

The next day, Yui happily presents her new guitar to the rest of her friends, but still needs to learn how to play it.

Volume 1

K-ON! Vol.1-Ch01.1

Yui asking Nodoka to help her decide a club to join

Yui is sitting her classroom with her club application form, thinking of what kind of club she wants to join in for her new high school life. Yui's childhood friend, Nodoka Manabe, asks her what she is thinking about and Yui replies that she still hasn't decided what club to join to Nodoka's shock, telling her that it has been two weeks since they started high school.
K-ON! Vol.1-Ch01.2

Yui meeting Ritsu for the first time

Not wanting to be a NEET, Yui decides to join the Light Music Club and is asked by Nodoka what kind of instrument will she be playing in the club with Yui responding that she isn't sure. Soon after, Yui goes to visit the light music club's clubroom, intending to quit but wonders what kind of people are in the club, the thought of which scares her. Before she enters, the president of the club, Ritsu Tainaka, asks her what she is doing outside their clubroom and then asks her if she is Yui Hirasawa, excitedly greeting her and then introducing her to the other club members, thinking that Yui is an amazing guitarist to Yui's dismay. Ritsu says that they just established the club recently but happily thanks her for joining their club, but Yui tells the girl that she was intending to quit the club. Another one of the members, Mio Akiyama, points out to Yui that she may have had an interest in music which is possibly why she decided to join. Ritsu then opts to play a piece of music they made to her which might help her decide if she wants to continue in joining them or not, to Yui's surprise.

After the performance, Ritsu asks her of what she thought and Yui bluntly says that they weren't all that good. Either way, Yui eventually makes up her mind and joins the club, to the other members' joy. Yui, however, reminds them that she still can't play any instrument. Tsumugi Kotobuki gives her the idea of picking up a guitar as their club has no guitarist yet, but Yui finds the role being difficult. Ritsu, however, offers to have her, Mio and Tsumugi help her practice on one soon. The next day, Yui tells Nodoka that she finally joined the light music club, to Nodoka's surprise, saying that she joined as an actual member and will become the club's guitarist, stating the other members will teach her how to play one.

K-ON! Vol.1-Ch02.2

Yui spotting the guitar she wants

Some time after, Yui goes to the clubroom and introduces each of the following members of the club: the bassist and very delicate, Mio Akiyama, the wealthy, cheery keyboardist, Tsumugi Kotobuki and the club's lively president and drummer, Ritsu Tainaka. Mio asks Yui if she has already managed to buy a guitar with Yui responding that she forget that is the designated guitarist for the club. When told about the potential price of a cheap guitar, Yui asks the other members if they could lend her some money which they all kindly deny. However, the next day, Yui is together with the group to check out the local music store to see if she can find a guitar that she may like. While looking through the store, Yui finds a guitar she becomes immediately attached to but unfortunately learns that the guitar costs 150,000 yen. Thanks to Mugi being recognized by the staff as the daughter of the owner of the store, the price is lowered to an affordable 50,000 yen and Yui buys it. Later at her room, Yui tries on the guitar and ends up sleeping next to it the next morning.

K-ON! Vol.1-Ch03.1

Yui showing her new guitar to her friends

Later at school, Yui brings her brand-new guitar and shows it off to her friends at the Light Music Club, with all of them cheering for her. Ritsu asks if she could play something for them on her new guitar, but Yui doesn't know how to play her guitar. Mio asks if she practiced at home at all. Ritsu asks if she wasn't allowed to practice at home, which Yui replies isn't the case. She answers that she needed to take good care of her new guitar such as cleaning it and doing mundane things with it to Ritsu's annoyance. Mio points out to Yui how she hasn't removed the film on her guitar yet and she gets sad when Ritsu rips it right off, but is instantly cheered up after eating one of Mugi's snacks. Yui agrees that just taking care of guitar isn't what she needs to do as she needs to know how to play it as an instrument. Yui then asks how her guitar can make sound when she plays it, and Mio points her to their amp and to plug it in on her guitar to test it out. Yui tries and gets a sound from it, but remarks how she still doesn't know how to play her guitar. However, when Yui unplugs the cord from the amp, she receives an earful of loud vibration from it, not knowing that she needed to turn it down first which Mio tells her about afterwards.

Yui notes how the strings look dangerous and Ritsu jokes that she may cut her fingers if she isn't careful. Mio, however, reassures Yui that she will get used to it and that her fingers will steady up to the strings and she won't get hurt from them anymore. Mio then instructs her to learn the chords, but Yui doesn't understand and asks Mio to teach her from the beginning. After school, Yui goes home with Nodoka. She tells Nodoka how she learned about guitar chords today, but asks why Nodoka was coming home late as of recent and Nodoka answers that she has been studying for their upcoming mid-term exams. Yui reacts late to it. Nodoka asks if she will be alright for the mid-term, and Yui reassures her that she will.

Unfortunately, the next day, Yui fails her exam. Knowing that she won't be able to come to the club if she fails, Yui asks the other club members for help, eventually Mio volunteers to help teach her study for her make-up exam. Inviting her friends to her house, Yui introduces her friends to her younger sister, Ui, whom they note to themselves is surprisingly more mature than Yui. Thanks to the cram session with Mio, Yui is able to pass her make-up exam and continue practicing with her guitar with the rest of the Light Music Club.

Sometime after, Yui and the others listen to Mio's proposal of a training camp for their band, as they need one to begin serious practice for the school festival that will start after summer vacation. The group settle on using one of Mugi's family villas as their training camp. After arriving at the villa, Yui and the others are impressed with the villa they will be staying at and immediately after, Yui and Ritsu change into their swimwear to play at the beach, with Mio failing to stop them. Yui and the others start playing at the beach all day until Mio reminds them of their purpose for being there. Later that night, as they start practicing, Yui demonstrates her skills so far to them which impresses her friends.

Yui is then taught by Mio hard guitar techniques. Soon after, Yui feels exhausted after practicing, so she and the others hit the villa's hot spring outside. Yui thanks Mio for teaching her about music as the rest of them relax for the night.

Yui and the girls then head back home after their training camp and back to school sometime after. While practicing, Yui cuts her finger with her guitar's strings, causing Mio to block them out due to being scared. Afterwards, Ritsu shows them a photo album of the previous Light Music Club members. While looking at the album, Yui asks Mugi where she went earlier and Mugi answers that she tried asking the council if they could use the dance hall but was rejected due to their club not being acknowledged as a real club yet. Ritsu becomes anxious over this, but Yui then asks if it's still okay for them to use the music room the way they are now. Yui and the rest then visit the student council and Yui is surprised to find Nodoka as a member there. Learning that the club isn't on their list of the school's club, with Ritsu having forgotten to submit their application form which angers Mio.

Needing an advisor for their club, Yui and Ritsu go to ask Ms. Sawako Yamanaka to become their advisor, but she gently refuses as she is already the advisor for the wind instrument club. Yui then asks Ms. Yamanaka if she had graduated from Sakuragaoka High School, and when Ms. Yamanaka confirms, Yui quickly notes to her that she someone who looked exactly like her in the old light music club's photo album, causing Sawako to bring the two to the music room immediately. Yui and the others learn that Sawako was a former member of the previous light music club when she was their age and demonstrates her skills as a guitarist to them, which both impresses and shocks the group. Yui then watches as Ritsu convinces Ms. Yamanaka to be their club advisor so she doesn't let everyone know about her past.

Volume 2

While trying to practice in the clubroom, Yui asks Ritsu how she can play a C-chord again, having forgotten how to do so.