Yukari Sakuma
First Appearance
Manga Debut K-ON! Shuffle, Chapter 1
Other Appearances
Voice Provider
Musical Profile
Role Drummer
Instrument Light-blue Drums (unknown model)
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Eyes Light Brown

Yukari Sakuma (佐久間(さくま) (ゆかり)) is one of the main characters and the protagonist of the K-ON! Shuffle manga.


Yukari is childhood friends with Kaede Shimizu and the two have sat near each other in class through junior high which has only been intercepted in their high school by Maho.

Although Kaede looks like she is the more successful student among the two in reality it is Yukari who got higher grades.

Kaede comments that Yukari is the one responsible in helping her study and waking her up for school.

After attending the Sakuragaoka High School festival and hearing its Light Music Club perform, she is inspired to be part of a Light Music Club of her own. Although her school does not have one, there is a Light Music Appreciation Society that she and Kaede ultimately join.

Despite having no experience with the instrument, she chooses to play the drums after being impressed by the Sakuragaoka High club's drummer.



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